The Untamed Nightlife Of Cabo San

Travel-and-Leisure Cabo has a pretty flighty reputation. If it’s not gallivanting about a Todos Santos marketplace with loose purse-strings, it’s poolside, sunbathing the day away. In the morning, you can spot it eating lobster omelets on a San Lucas beach and in the evenings, slipping out into Cabo’s bustling nightlife. Couples go there to get married, friends go on their college breaks; sometimes people go just to find someone else; but the one thing all three have in .mon is that they will all spend their evenings adding to the infamous Cabo nightlife. No matter where you go in Cabo, you are sure to find a bar to drink and stool to sit; but that’s boring. That can be ac.plished back home. When you go to Cabo, you will need to frequent the bars and clubs that gave it the reputation of being the world’s largest party; Cabo Wabo, El Squid Roe, The Giggling Marlin, and Nikki Beach are all essential. To truly understand the magnitude of these bars would require you to visit themobviously. But because you are reading this, by process of elimination, I’ll assume you are either contemplating a Cabo vacation or in Cabo scoping out the hotspots. Disclaimer: This article should serve only as a guide and is in no way a substitute for the real thing. It’s my reasoning that if a bar has tequila named after it, it must be legit. However, that is pretty circumstantial logic. If a glove doesn’t fit, should the primary suspect be acquitted of all charges? Probably not. But from my experience, Cabo Wabo is Santa Lucas’ premier source of night-time debauchery. Cabo Wabo is always packed, especially on Sammy Hagar’s (owner) birthday. Regardless of when you go, expect a 30 minute line. If waiting is not an option, then plan to arrive around 9 in the hope of getting right in and securing a table. However, if you do visit Cabo Wabo on a night when Sammy is performing, be sure to stop by early that morning for writstbands to evade that night’s line of anxious party-people. The dress is terribly casual; so much so that at times, at least for the female crowd, there is no dress code, meaning uh-hmm… no dress code. With that in mind, it is easy to deduce that Cabo Wabo is not a place for the whole family; 18+, the plus usually settling somewhere around 30. What brings people back to Cabo Wabo and keeps it on the map? Many will tell you it’s the good food and even better booze. I, on the other hand, tend to lean more towards the A/C they keep pumped into the bar. It may sound like joke, but it’s not. For a city hiding in the south-eastern tip of Mexico, a cool breeze can be just as intoxicating as the tequila. Take a two-story building, set off a bomb of various signage inside of it, equip your staff with spray tanks of tequila, and toss in some music for extra kick. Now shake it all up and call the result El Squid Roe. The bar resembles something you would see in a movie titled, ‘Beer Blowout Bonanza III: We’re Not Giving Up Until Our Livers Do’. The El Squid Roe crowd can be described as energetic and contagious. They are fueled by the throbbing dance music of Pablo Recasens, the "Party CEO". He is pivotal to the upkeep of the bar’s fervent atmosphere; engaging the crowd and coaxing the worst out of them, but most importantly, never allowing the party to stop. Minors are wel.e to the bar, but only until 10:30, at which time Mexico’s drinking age be.e relevant and it’s 18+ from there on out. What all three locations share in .mon are tequila and rowdy crowds; what separates them from one another is the delivery. The Giggling Marlin likes to hang you upside down to take a shot. It’s a bit of a ritual for Marlin virgins, however, is not the only way to get a drink at the bar. The waiters and waitresses are constantly scampering from person to person; chucking liquor down throats while a guy follows on their coattails to collect the tab. Unlike Wabo and Squid Roe, The Giggling Marlin incorporates a motif of decadence into their bar. I am not speaking of the aptly named "seafood orgy" that is so popular there, but, instead, of the gyrating hips of salsa dancers and their risqu floorshow. Every bar in Cabo seems to share the same "landmark" status; or so they claim. It only seems right to give that title to the liveliest and most deserving nightspot or any-time-of-the-day-spot in San Lucas, Nikki Beach. It has been called "the sexiest place on Earth"; lined by a seamless shoreline, gorgeous people, and the finest resorts in Cabo. Set on the shores of Medano Beach, Nikki Beach defines the leisurely life; signature white teepees and plush lounge beds trail its coast and provide the perfect setting for sipping mojitos and eating sushi. Nighttime washes over the beach and exposes Cabo’s natural nightclub; rivers of champagne flow, resident DJs spin the world’s best house music, and an endless crowd of people topple in and out of ME Cabo’s Passion Lounge. Wherever you spend your nights, you will not find a more authentic Cabo experience than at this legendary beach. To classify Cabo nightlife into bars and beaches would be a little deceptive. That may be what they’re referred to when you are not on vacation, but when you are, they be.e essential experiences. Granted they all involve a great deal of booze and dancing and loud music, they are all reasonable excuses for enjoying your vacation; because what exactly is the real reason you’re visiting Cabo? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: