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The urgent need to combat transnational telecommunications fraud (Global authoritative forum) – International – across borders "trap". In order to avoid regulation, more and more criminal gangs began to use foreign servers as a springboard, the use of domestic and foreign regulators exist hollow and the implementation of the crime, thus increasing the difficulty of regulation. Zhai Guixi painted (Xinhua News Agency) in May 30, 2016, to carry out network classroom activities in "into the campus network security" as the theme of the Anhui province Huaibei City Experimental Primary School, through quiz, demonstration, in the network security signature banners and other forms of civilization initiative children green network, Internet, Internet security. People’s visual telecommunications fraud cases emerge in an endless stream, showing the characteristics of technology driven, industrial cooperation, cross-border implementation. Behind the black market has become a chain of telecommunications, Internet, finance and other industries. The ecological health of the data will determine the nature of economic and social activities. The data of ecological governance is an uphill battle, an urgent need for countries to jointly to the leakage of personal information is the source of all of a sudden, "chief of the African country’s heir" through "hardships" to give you an email: I have a huge amount of property for inheritance, but due to exile in Europe, first need a sum of money to return to the motherland, so ask your support; after that, you will be rewarded, may marry African princess". In this scene of fraud, liar "self-centered" scam to design wide net, wait for the swallow bait. This trick is mainly from the transnational telecommunications fraud disaster area — Nigeria. Obviously, a lot of people see the first feeling after the mail is puzzling. Therefore, most people can easily see through. At present, the information revolution sweeping the globe, money has gone up, began to "object centered" to create a scam, you are familiar with the interpersonal relationship through the design of a fantasy scene, will you bring with them. For example, from overseas telephone can clearly say that during the national day of your parents in a country travel accident, temporarily unable to contact, we need a large amount of money in an emergency. Maybe this scam is not good, if you cheat and further understand the family and social relations, work information, preference preference, recent whereabouts and other personal information, and then huadianxinsi polished this scam, plus the right time, hardly anyone unmoved. The leakage of personal information is the source of telecommunications fraud. Once the disclosure of personal information, personal information will cause the spread of the scope and use of completely out of control. Based on the accuracy of personal information fraud, fraud and harm doubled. The further development of digital make daily life more and more integration with the Internet, various scenes under the original line have gradually moved to the online virtual identity on the network; everyone has not only have access to information, social function, is the financial, doctor, service gate mouth. A liar as soon as the personal information, people have the ability to steal virtual identity on the network, and then get a variety of online services trust, impostor fraud. Therefore, many domestic and foreign network of criminal gangs targeting the personal information has been stealing hundreds of millions)相关的主题文章: