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The US Open tennis shirt show actress who can shine in New York? (map) Serena slam tennis is not only the highest stage, is also the flourish of fashion show. Among them, the U.S. is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable. The designers will be full of wit for his own players to design a vibrant shirt, and energy bursting New York pavilions. Next, the women’s tennis fashion blogger Marija Zivlak will share with us the most beautiful scenery of Fala park. Williams clothing has repeatedly took our list, the EleVen Prism Chela in her Dress with a bright and vibrant summer colors, but also the integration of calm, calm atmosphere in autumn hue: Prism series jersey will be color and pattern to a new height. Americans in the season’s final grand slam shirt not only in color printing and dyeing is very conspicuous, behind the purple belt design also create new styles. In addition, the EleVen series are using a unique shirt fabric, can play very well to absorb sweat, permeability is excellent. It also protects against harmful UV rays. In the legend of Serena Williams’s occupation career, there are a lot of Jersey has been listed as a fashion classic. This time, the world’s first appearance again attracted public attention: NikeCourt Power Dress with a "Wonder Woman" armguards. American matinee and evening dress are bright pink stripes, and a sleeveless dress design is a plus. Serena Williams’s Nike Flare shoes are also divided into two different colors: two black and white with pink and green fluorescence with Yiliang. The shoe with the support design is very suitable for explosive movement, ankle collar can play a fixed role on the feet. Finally, Manicure and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore series watch long also can not be ignored with. Fluorescent yellow ball and Vinci Keith matinee clothing including breathable NikeCourt Dry Slam and NikeCourt Flex Victory tops, skirts, and other unique mesh design. Gobel wore Adidas Fall Classic Shirt, skirt on the geometric shape of the color in New York city building for inspiration and design. Halep further, with the design of the shorts lined with a layer of white gauze outside the network, adding a hazy sense of fashion. Adidas autumn coat is made of Climacool material with strong permeability. Behind the hollowed out not only strengthen this function, and I also design a vest. Caroline Wozniacki, mu Gulu tie and Petkovic’s shirt is a large color collage as the main selling point. Special materials can absorb the sweat on the skin. Caroline Wozniacki Adidas Stella Barricade New York series dress by the Navy, white and pink color composition, too?相关的主题文章: