The vehicle idle for a long time Duodabi harm the cost of keeping a car high (video) zibba

There are Duodabi car costs be inferior gasoline causing damage to the vehicle in the city vehicle idle for a long time harm, the car has become an essential life of the vehicle in the car when we really consider the importance of the life of the car, or just because we are buying a car and follow the trend to buy, but the cost of oil, the maintenance fee is not cheap, to go on the block, parking is hard to find other difficulties, buy a car or idle most of the time. Long term idle on the car is a great harm, the loss is far higher than the cost of raising the car, let us look at the dangers of idle for a long time on the car. 1, damage the brake system for a long time the vehicle parked will pull the handbrake, handbrake is a long time in a tense state, so easy to cause the brake pad and brake disk stuck together, resulting in bad work or even damage the brake system. 2, damage to the engine and transmission oil is not used for a long time easy to condense and deteriorate, when the vehicle starts again, the poor quality of the oil is not a very good lubrication, easy to cause the engine, gearbox wear. 3, start the system damaged vehicles idle for a long time storage battery will leak, when we want to drive again, will not start the vehicle. Under normal conditions, the battery charge capacity of automobile is generally maintained for about 1 months. 4, damage to electronic components, if the car parked outside for a long time, the electronic components are very susceptible to moisture, thus damage to electronic components. In addition, the elasticity of car tires will weaken, deformation. It is best not to exceed 15 days when the vehicle does not open continuously. Try not to stop for a long time in the open car park, such as a long time not to drive the battery should be removed in a timely manner in order to slow down the battery leakage rate.相关的主题文章: