The war to boast 2 classic version of PK had the same game invite you to experience high-end configu

The war to boast 2 classic version of PK had the same game invite you to experience the high-end configuration to honor all the people to give you triggered at any moment, the stage of war! "Westward Journey 2 classic version of" no difference PK tournament is coming, October 20th to November 10th, enrollment hot, high value of 200 thousand yuan, ring of honor champion team cash prizes, the exclusive title reward waiting for you to win! Configuration no difference, tactical ability, the game is now open to the service, has registered players need to log in to confirm the special service and account configuration, overdue confirmation will not be able to participate! No differences in PK match topic: give you the stage people to war without distinction of PK game dedicated service to open big 2 version of the classic PK game designed clothing has no difference during the game open daily 10:00 to 24:00 period, you can visit the dedicated service to the game player and confirm the account configuration and function in the near future will be open free from. The game designed to suit a total contest – Changan, Luoyang City, the contest contest – like treasure in 3 scenes, you can send each other, each scene of 3 groups were used to configure the account, the confirmation of NPC. No difference in distribution of PK Game Description: special service game, game player 5 people team up to NPC PK at the embassy had no difference between the number of the team will get confirmation after the success. Captain in the team after the success, you can specify 1 to 2 roles as a substitute, the bench will not receive any reward. The team confirmed, confirmed the bench only once, and irrevocable. No entry confirmation of the game player after November 14th, data will be cleaned, unable to login again and dedicated service. To give you a stage to fight the role of national account configuration attributes in the game game player dedicated service to create a role after the first login, will be directly up to 170 level game player, the game player will then be forced offline, when the game player login again after the character has the following attributes: the character level up 170, with 900 points can be assigned attribute double point; amendment has been opened, first sets of men and Magic III correction, second sets of female magic III correction; talent is 60 full point, unallocated state; door spell full (genius 30370, non genius 25000); 6 point mount full, 6 mounts free conversion method; double 4000, can freedom of choice; Tian Gangxing: empty. In addition, after the start of the round robin stage, the race will be added to the 7 day cooldown. To give you a stage to fight national allocation account summon related each game player can carry up to 12 summon up to 1 only for animal, summon are level attunement level 180, 200W close, the full level of talent, open lattice. You can play in the game player designed to suit NPC really summon skill and receive summon equipment, wherein, each character each character can carry up to 1 Ultimate skills, advanced skills and general skills there is no restriction on the number of; summon equipment are 6 full channel full quality, yellow word attributes and green word attributes freedom of choice, which defines 1 attributes of the word yellow, green character attributes defining 1, awakening skills can carry up to two sets, were 4 15. In addition, the selected animal third times soaring initial value optional, optional initial compensation, dragon bone (can eat 5) optional attributes, other call:相关的主题文章: