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The whole process of combining the sperm and egg is shocking! Sohu maternal lead: both sperm and egg is the first step in a good pregnancy, then the eggs and sperm in the female body and the survival time were how long? How long does it take? What is the process of sperm and egg binding. Experts: the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Zhou Shaohu, director of reproductive medicine physician at sexual dysfunction, infertility, prostate disease, psychological disorders, gallstone disease etc.. The whole process of "master master small parenting parenting questions revealed both sperm and egg: egg and sperm are long in the body of the female survival time? How long does it take? Can you describe the process of conception? The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine professor Zhou Shaohu: sperm into the genital tract is a process of the sperm into the thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, in the process, there will be all kinds of obstacles to eliminate those poor quality of sperm, the human body is very clever to design a mechanism of the survival of the fittest, the vitality of weak sperm eliminated, the rest of the the best chance of sperm fuses with the egg. Thus, the sperm in the reproductive tract, with liquefaction after swimming into the cervical canal, in the uterine cavity for eggs, at this time the number may be only a few hundred, is generally believed that this part of women into the safety zone, lurking sperm, probably can live for three to four days, and the survival time is short but the egg the. A mature egg in the ovary, after the discharge, after the fallopian tube to pick up the eggs, the fallopian tube is like a hand, the egg pushed back to the fallopian tube ampulla, where waiting for fertilization. The amount of time that an egg is released from the ability to fertilize is generally believed to be between 8 and 24 hours. Sperm survival time in female genital tract than eggs long, this will give us a hint, before people have misunderstood, that is the egg, and then through sexual life, the sperm egg fertilization siege team go forward with great strength and vigour, is actually the sperm advanced to lying in wait for eggs, waiting in the wings, finally there is one of the most fortunately, the most dynamic sperm fuses with the egg, this process is just a moment. Under the protection of the film in the egg, not affected by the outside world, the sperm has the function of the body, like a missile, can be drilled into the egg, the head and neck drilled into the tail to stay outside. Once the egg is fertilized, outsourcing membrane changes, such as form a hard shell, the other sperm can not enter. So most of the fertilized eggs are one, that is, singleton pregnancy. There are some very accidental factors, or special circumstances, just two sperm into the egg synchronization, the formation of twins. After fertilization, the egg moves slowly from the fallopian tube to the uterus. This is the original master [parenting produced, reproduced please indicate the source] parenting guru, Guangdong province eugenics Association recommended infant collection platform, doctors, hospital of domestic well-known university psychology experts in early childhood education, maternal and child industry elite, for the user in the stage of pregnancy, provide find experts, ask the experts, experts see!相关的主题文章: