The wide network base into the 4 Yang Keli Chris Liu Changlu Nirvana wins the top

The wide network base into the 4 Yang Keli Chris Liu Sheng Changlu Nirvana top seed Jankovic sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 22nd message total prize money of $250000 for the WTA tour of the Guangzhou International Women’s Open women’s singles final at the 14 contest today. The focus of a battle, the defending champion, the No. 2 seed Jankovic to 7-6 (4) 6-4 out of the former Wimbledon runner up, Germany’s cannon, into the women’s singles semi-finals this season first hard (on a hard women’s singles semi-finals or the last race in Hongkong). Before Lyyski and Jankovic had 6 meetings, Serbia 5 wins and 1 losses prevail, four hard showdown is unbeaten. The first one is the first break, lisicki, leading 2-0. But Jankovic immediately broke back, and again in the seventh inning break succeeded, were winning 4-3. Stop the tide of Lyyski in the first Bureau immediately get back to break in the twelfth inning, and also is the opponent serving dish bureau to save inventory, finally seized the opportunity in sixth break points, tenacious will match into snatches seven games. Snatches in seven games, Jankovic at the start of 0 to 2 even after 5 points, the final 7-6 (4) made the first victory. After the second set of 2 to 2 Ping, Jankovic again force, even after the break with the lead 4-2. Although lisicki immediately get back to break and the score, but at the crucial moment has been broken, lost the final ratio of 4 to 6. In the year second WTA women’s singles semi-finals (Mallorca Club) Jankovic will play against No. 3 seed kangniu in the semi-finals, to beat the United States 7-5 6-4 horse Brady at the US Open quarter finals of the Croatia star. The other two singles, the beauty of Ukraine special to 3-6 6-4 Su renco 6-0 out of the No. 5 seed riske, reached the semi-finals will fight Estonia youngster Cantat Witt, who beat the round top seed Erani of Switzerland 6-4 4-6 6-3 by Grube Chi players slr. The women’s doubles second round contest, China combined with two 7 Liu Changlu better than the 5 triumph over the top seed, Germany Argentina combination T- Maria avery high reached the semi-finals. (double)相关的主题文章: