The woman because her boyfriend drove slowly due to physical conflict in a trance lying on the roads-face gossip

The woman because her boyfriend drove slowly due to physical conflict in a trance for several days before the morning lying on the roadside, in Huqiu Xiangjiang road and Huashan Road intersection, a young woman lying on the roadside, you have a wallet, inside money scattered on the ground, how is this going? Six November 7th morning, the police received the alarm, the other said a man lying on the roadside, in a trance. The police rushed to the scene, I saw a young woman with tears, numb, lying in the arms of another woman. The woman in the end what happened? Is it met the robber? Police stepped forward to ask, but she always did not speak, but stretched out his left hand, like who is calling. Seeing the woman was scared, and injured, then the people together to lift her to the ambulance, after the hospital examination is not serious. Women’s small zhujieshao, she did not meet what the robber, wallet is the boyfriend small East, the original incident from the dispute before the two talents. According to police, Xiao Zhu is going to work, her boyfriend sent her to work on the road, because the road may be a bit blocked, driving relatively slow, it is estimated that a quarrel. A little Zhu Haiyang words to jump, this scared her boyfriend Xiao Dong, he tried to stop the 3Run’s mobile phone rush over, did not expect this move has angered the 3run. The woman felt he took his cell phone, do not know what to do, put the man’s cell phone to break up, the man looked at the woman to his cell phone hit, he also put the other side of the phone to be smashed. In this way, the two people you do not let me, I will not let you, from the initial verbal dispute evolved into a physical conflict. Finally, after police mediation, the two men shook hands and. Couples quarrel to the next to the police were scared to disturb the order, a waste of public resources, it is not the.相关的主题文章: