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The woman forgot the keys Fanchuang home was mistaken for a thief neighbor original title: woman forgot the keys Fanchuang home was mistaken for a thief neighbor newspaper reporter Fu Dixi Chongqing Daily News "here we have a female thief, you come ah!" 28, who lives in Shapingba District, stone Nianpan Joe lady alarm, said strange woman saw a white black skirt suddenly crossed the windowsill fence outside the building, along the platform turned into the next room. This is how to return a responsibility? 28, 1 pm, Shapingba District, Shapingba District 110 received the alarm, said a small stone Nianpan someone Fanchuang burglary, suspected of being a thief. Police immediately rushed to the scene, saw the police, ms.. She told the police that he was 6 floor tenants, a platform outside the 6 floor. "I suddenly saw a middle-aged woman dressed in white dress from the side of the fence next to my home, and then turn into the next room along the platform outside the house." Ms. Joe said he was aghast at this scene, because of the higher floors, if the opponent accidentally falls two that she did not the consequences be unbearable to contemplate; met the man, suspected of being a thief, so the police for help. Understand the situation, the police blocked the door exit. In order to avoid the police let Ms. Joe act rashly and alert the enemy, sounded the next door, a woman opened the door. That someone had told the police that she was a thief, the woman shouted: "police comrades, I am here to go out tenants, forgot to take the key, so just from the neighbor Pachuang go home, I’m not a thief!" Subsequently, the police contacted the owner of the property through the property, and finally confirmed that the woman is indeed the owner of the window. Police immediately told Ms. Wang, after a similar situation should be described to the neighbors, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding; at the same time warned her, turn the window is very dangerous, do not take life bet. Ms. Wang said that after the encounter this situation will be handled carefully. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: