The Xi’an tragedy of a man suspected of stealing falls to death an accident-mide-031

The tragedy of a man suspected of stealing falls dead when the accident happened this morning, Chang’an District a district tragedy, a man falls dead. "City Express" all media reporters rushed to the scene, the scene has cordoned off. Police found a number of debris from the man, and some protective racks were scattered beside the dead. Along the falling dead man next to a building look, you can see the floor of the air conditioner plug machine basically equipped with protective rack, only five building and six floor two layer no, it is likely that the man fell from here. Reporters from some witnesses witnessed the mouth, the man is about more than 30 years old, and the scene of the incident and no one saw the whole process of the event. Then a cleaning staff told reporters that his morning when more than six minutes, saw the man had died after falling from a building, and there was a landlord downstairs. He heard the owner said that the deceased man was found in the process of theft, followed by unfortunate accidents. The reporter then came to the owner’s home, to understand that their home is indeed lost something, and they also in the fallen men, see their lost mobile phones and other items. The security guard told reporters that he is on duty this morning, he judged the thief not enter from the door, but from the floor of the facade of the home owners to climb downspouts. Loading… Because the man does not carry valid documents, so the police station is still further verification of his identity.

西安发生惨剧一男子坠楼身亡 疑为行窃时发生意外   今天早上,西安长安区一小区发生了一起惨剧,一名男子坠楼身亡。   《都市快报》全媒体记者赶到现场时,现场已经拉起了警戒线。民警从这名男子身上搜出了一些杂物,死者身旁还散落着一些防护架。顺着坠亡男子旁边的一栋楼望去,可以看到楼层的空调外挂机基本都安装有防护架,只有五楼和六楼两层没有,很有可能这名男子就是从该处坠落的。   记者从一些目击市民口中了解到,这名男子大概三十多岁,而事发现场并没有人看到事件发生的全过程。随后一位保洁员告诉记者,他早上六点多钟来的时候,看到这名男子已经坠楼身亡了,而当时还有一名业主跑下楼。他听该业主说,这名坠亡男子是在行窃的过程中被发现,随后不幸发生意外。   记者随后来到这名业主的家中,了解到他们家里确实是丢了东西,而且他们也在这名坠亡男子身上,看到了他们所丢的手机等物品。   小区的门卫告诉记者,今天凌晨是他值班,他判断这名小偷不是从大门进入的,而是从这个楼的外立面落水管攀爬到业主家中的。   loading。。。   由于这名男子身上没有携带有效证件,所以目前派出所民警还在对他的身份进行进一步的核实。相关的主题文章: