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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The word hamper does not mean an obstacle in this context. Rather, it means a basket. The gift hamper is a basket of gifts. This basket might be required by people for gifting a number of different products rather than offering a single piece gift. Just as there is a bouquet of flowers wherein different types of flowers are present, there are gift hampers like the Christmas hamper which is would be carrying the gifts meant to be given on the occasion of Christmas. The tradition of using the word hamper is a long one. These were first used in the context of charities wherein people contributed towards some cause and the products were collected at one place either in a bag or in a basket and then delivered to the destined point. With time, this concept began to be used in various other formal and informal occasions in which the gifts were exchanged. Single piece gifts made way for the gift hampers. There could be many themes on which these hampers can be based. There could be Christmas gifts like the toys, sweets, cookies, Santa Clause dress, Xmas tree leaves and other things related to the occasion which can form part of the basket of gifts. Similarly, the birthday gifts parents would like to give to their young children could be made of the items which they like the most. Then, there could be themes of different types of foods and drinks, occasions, party themes, special dates and days, special persons and many others. The themes could be numerous since there are a number of items to be made into baskets and there are a number of reasons for giving away the gifts. The gift hampers are required by .panies for promoting their business. These can also be used as awards for rewarding the people. These are also used as a part of the special schemes to promote the products being given in the basket. While designing a Christmas hamper or other hampers, the following points shall be considered: 1. Variety: If there are good varieties of the products incorporated in the basket, it will make it more attractive. 2. .prehensiveness: This is not very easy to achieve since the size of the basket is rather small and there could be a number of products which would be required to achieve .prehensiveness. But, achieving it is desirable. 3. Decoration: The gift hampers shall be properly decorated which will make it look more pleasing to the eyes. The decorations give the facelift to the basket. 4. Seasonality and Perishability: If you are making a hamper of the eatables, it has to be ensured that the items have not passed their expiry dates. It is better to avoid perishable items if there are chances that the items will be consumed over a long period of time. 5. Recipients: The takers of gift hampers also have to be kept in mind in designing the hampers. If you give them the gift which the need, they would be very happy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: