There are 1111 couples registering for marriage in singles day in Nanjing, less than last year-97179

"Singles day", Nanjing, a total of 1111 couples registered marriage less than the same period last year, November 11th each year by many young candidates for marriage registration day, in order to declare their "off"". However, in November 11th this year, the data from the Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau showed that as of 5 p.m., there were just 1111 couples registering for marriage in Nanjing, although the number was two times that of normal, but it was far less than the data of more than 2800 pairs in November 11, 2011. 9 a.m., the modern express reporter in Xuanwu District of Nanjing marriage registration office to see, and did not appear long line of pomp, the hall of new people is not much, only six or seven pairs. "Some accidents, I think a lot of people, we also half an hour ahead of schedule to work." The staff said. It is estimated that young people are busy with "chop hands" on the internet. "At the time when the pick of days, we want to choose a special day is" double eleven "was born in 1989, Xu Kaiyou told Modern Express reporter, a few days ago, he looked at the calendar, November 11th is my parents’ wedding anniversary, 28 years ago this day my parents in the home feast. We choose this day card, and 28 years ago just coincidence". After he told his parents about the news, he was all smiles. When young people are busy with "divorce", there are also couples who wish to be single. In November 11th, 181 couples in Nanjing were divorced. (reporter Cai Mengying Xiang Fenghua)

“光棍节”南京共有1111对新人登记结婚 少于去年同期   每年的11月11日都被不少年轻人选为结婚登记日,以此宣告自己“脱单”。不过今年的11月11日,来自南京市民政局的数据显示,截止到下午5点,南京刚好有1111对新人办理结婚登记,虽然人数是平日的两倍,但是却远远比不上2011年11月11日2800多对的数据。   上午9点,现代快报记者在南京市玄武区婚姻登记处看到,并没有出现大排长龙的盛况,大厅里新人并不多,只有六七对。“有些意外,本以为人很多,我们还提前了半个小时上班。”工作人员介绍说。估计年轻人都忙着网上“剁手”了。   “当时在挑日子的时候,我们想选一个特殊的日子,就是‘双十一,”1989年出生的徐开友告诉现代快报记者,前几天,他看了一下日历,“11月11日是我爸妈的结婚纪念日,28年前的这天我爸妈在老家办酒席。我们选这一天领证,刚好和28年前重合”。他把这个消息告诉爸妈之后,都笑得合不拢嘴。   当年轻人忙着“脱单”,也有夫妻希望恢复单身,11月11日,南京全市有181对夫妻离婚。(记者 蔡梦莹 项凤华)相关的主题文章: