There is a kind of tourism is not known to the evil of civilization outbound tour need to learn etiq candle june

There is a kind of tourism is not known to call the evil evil outbound travel need to learn etiquette – recently, a Chinese tourists on the floor of the Ekaterina palace for the child to urinate in the news online heat transfer. The morning of September 10th, Russia’s Catherine Palace confirmed this, said the official cultural relics floor eighteenth Century Tsar period, it did not cause any damage to the floor. Chinese Consulate General in St Petersburg to remind each domestic tourists, in Winter Palace, Summer Palace, Ekaterina palace and other famous Russian cultural tourist attractions to visit, please regulate their own behavior, to show China tourists civilized image. With regard to bear child urine Ekaterina palace is and not, public opinion has long been an attitude. It can be seen, along with the progress of the times, more and more people have the awareness of civilization, civilization is not to grow with each passing day the pain and shame. The mood of love and hate, is clearly an important basis for tourism development of civilization. However, if the matter for a space, not in the Ekaterina palace, but in a large domestic market, but also incur such a strong condemnation? Need to be aware that, in reality, similar behavior is not uncommon. We almost do not see someone to blame, a lot of people are not as one thing, and some people even think that: the children’s urine is clean, and the child can’t hold it all, this magnanimous tolerance, excusable; also reflects the love of children. From the current news can not see the name of the children in the Ekaterina Palace on the floor of the urine is how to think of the general analysis, I am afraid that is also uphold this view. "For orange orange health Huainan, Huaibei was born in orange." This phenomenon is very interesting, but also for us to understand the tourism civilization, provides a new dimension. Aristotle in the "Nicomachean Ethics", referred to as ethical concept of "ignorance" and "unknown". The so-called "ignorance", refers to a kind of good and evil do not know, or to the good and evil of a kind of indifferent attitude; "do not know", that is, he knows the difference between good and evil, but I do not know that they are doing evil. In the tourism uncivilized, there are indeed some people of good and evil does not matter, even the basic sense of shame is lost; but we do not have a person for "don’t know", I actually know the difference between good and evil, but subconsciously, he does not know oneself do not civilized thing. Take the child into the urine, in the subconscious of the Chinese people, in fact, not much. The man who gave the children a piss on the floor of Ekaterina’s palace, probably in the country, did so many times. It is natural for them to do so, and it may not be so uncivilized in their hearts. In fact, not only is this matter, in the attitude of the child, many are so. Most of the time, when a behavior of a scene to a foreign country, we feel incredible, but in fact, in the country, often a similar thing, and not many people feel dazzling. This is actually a kind of "Chinese and foreign", to a certain extent, reflects our attitude towards civilization, especially the attitude of the child. Of course, a behavior is not civilized, not in itself as a yardstick. Not to say oneself相关的主题文章: