This quarter is expected to be the best quarterly gold ETF in 5 and a half years-stellarium

This quarter is expected to be 5 and a half years since the gold ETF best quarter FX168 news for the gold market, eye-catching performance this early in gold rising, is still the gold ETF inflows are reflected in the. So far this year, the global gold ETF total holdings increased by nearly 14%, is expected to become the largest single quarter inflows since June 2010. U.S.Bank Wealth Management senior investment strategist Rob Haworth said: "the gold market strength has become the focus of the largest market. Some because of hedging demand, and some are retail investors looking for any rising asset, because the past year hold stocks and risk assets currently facing difficulties." So far this year, the global gold ETF inflows almost 204 tons, the largest gold ETF, SPDR gold ETF net inflows this year so far is already more than the total outflows last year. Wells Fargo Investment Agency (Wells Fargo Investment Institut) John LaForge said that the price of gold will continue to rise as the hedging demand to decide. Enter [Sina Finance shares] discussion

本季度有望成为5年半以来黄金ETF表现最佳季度   FX168讯 对于黄金市场,这个年初的抢眼表现除了在节节高升的金价中,还在黄金ETF的持续流入中体现。   今年至今,全球黄金ETF的总持有量增加了近14%,有望成为2010年6月以来流入量最大的单个季度。   U.S. Bank Wealth Management高级投资策略师Rob Haworth表示:“对黄金市场走强成为了市场最大的焦点。有一些是因为避险需求,还有一些则是散户投资者们在寻求任何上涨的资产,因为过去一年持有股票和风险资产目前面临着困难。”   今年至今,全球黄金ETF流入了差不多204吨,最大的黄金ETF,SPDR黄金ETF今年至今的净流入量更是已经超过了去年的总流出量。   富国银行投资机构(Wells Fargo Investment Institut)的John LaForge则表示,金价能否持续上涨将视避险需求来决定。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: