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Thousands of people ran about 2016 Huanglong Valley overseas Chinese town Color One creative marathon ending nearly 1000 people at Huanglong (micro-blog) stream through the back three creative experience to run the morning of November 12th, sponsored by the overseas Chinese town, Chengdu Tianfu Industrial Development Company Limited total title by the Refco Group Ltd Chengdu cultural tourism development 2016 OCT Color One creative marathon second station of Huanglong Valley "back three creative run 10 point shots to start running, thousands of players Qi Juhuang Longxi, running through the" back three". Huanglong Valley "back to the Three Kingdoms" creative run is the theme of the Three Kingdoms creative run, the game will be the perfect combination of real role-playing game and marathon to create a new marathon form. The three person team to participate in, get tips, do the task, break the passphrase, collect Bamei pieces together to finish the race, running from now on is no longer a lonely activity. Players in the game not only enjoy the joy of running, but also recalled a lot of classic stories of the Three Kingdoms, deepen the understanding of Chinese traditional history and culture. Huanglong Valley "back to the Three Kingdoms" creative running will be combined with the history of running, deepen the fun of running, heritage of Chinese history and culture. 2016 OCT Color One creative marathon 2016 successful ending OCT Color marathon is sponsored by Refco Group Ltd One creative cultural tourism development in Chengdu, Chengdu overseas Chinese town Tianfu Industrial Development Company Limited overall title, the implementation of the whole Cheng Cehuai Chengdu sports industry development limited liability company, Chengdu Changxin Ltd, Chengdu Wuhou (micro-blog WeChat) a new event Magnolia embodies the Chinese medicine clinic limited, Sichuan Sichuan spice Food Co. Ltd. special sponsorship. As a new sports tourism, creative race brand, Color One inherited the Chengdu text brigade "let the good" the idea, in order to hold more creative and interesting marathon, let more people get pleasure from running, to find the color of life. Redefine running, not just running from running. The first station of Xiling Snow Mountain four light off-road horse October 16th held in Xiling Snow Mountain, players not only participate in the evening campfire on the eve of the game, and run together with dancing, singing, Roasted Whole Lamb, on the 16 day run in the Xiling Snow Mountain scenic area, friends and family to enjoy a different weekend. Beautiful environment, professional event execution, a combination of sports and tourism running tour let all the runners have left a deep impression. Second stop Huanglong Valley back to the three creative run, the race day not only to get enthusiastic support of running enthusiasts and college students, there are many parents with children to participate in the family to participate in the game. Because of this station, running is no longer monotonous movement, so that history into the sports culture, in another way to make running more meaningful. The theme of the Three Kingdoms to run, not only to allow everyone to enjoy the pleasure of sports, running with the task of combining the form so that all the people can participate in, the team’s strength to run more condensed meaning. In order to make life better, in order to allow more people to find the color of life, a better life operators Chengdu cultural tourism development Refco Group Ltd hosted!相关的主题文章: