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Tianjin airport shopping can WeChat pay wisdom airport "continued in-depth reporter learned from the Tianjin airport, Tianjin airport business has successfully access WeChat payment, will launch promotions from today, the passengers in the designated stores through the WeChat payment, you can enjoy preferential random stand by. Tianjin airport staff, during the period from September 20th to November 30th, the first 130 thousand passengers at the Tianjin airport designated cooperative stores, over 5 yuan can enjoy preferential payment by random minus WeChat consumer credit card, the highest deductible 300 yuan. The scope of the coverage of the Tianjin airport business district 78 retail and catering outlets, etc.. In August this year, the Tianjin airport reached a cooperation with WeChat, WeChat will pay the airport and the airport business entities comprehensive docking, promote the transformation of wisdom. With the wisdom of the airport "solutions continue to fall and continued in-depth, Tianjin airport check-in, passengers can complete the flight information, weather query and other operations by the public, and receive real-time flight dynamics within the airport information. The future, Tianjin airport will also combine WeChat shake and Tencent in real scene map, panoramic map navigation, and launched the airport VIP service, WiFi, car rental and other public services, to achieve "passengers from the front door to door" one-stop travel experience and wisdom. (reporter Wan Hong)相关的主题文章: