Tickets And Seating Arrangements For Skyline Stage-navy Pier And Soldier Field-66814

Arts-and-Entertainment If you are looking for a unique entertainment experience in the Chicago area, Navy Pier’s Skyline Stage is a venue that offers spectacular shows alongside all of the splendor and beauty of Lake Michigan. Prepare to be dazzled, delighted and amazed when you purchase tickets to any event being held at this breathtaking location. For more than 10 years, Navy Pier has been a preferred destination for premier events held at the Pepsi Skyline Stage. Whether you opt for the up close and personal seating that’s center stage, left stage or right stage, this venue offers excellent sites from every seat in the house. Love the excitement of a crowd that .es alive with the performers, then the Skyline Stage lets you experience an enjoyable interactive atmosphere that’s charged with the electricity of live performance. Special handicapped seating ensures a .fortable seating location for everyone. Thinking of having your special event at Skyline Stage, then Navy Pier is an excellent choice. Located at 600 East Grand Avenue, this shoreline site seeing destination is easily accessible by public or private transportation and has dining, shopping and hotel options to suit virtually any budget Since 1995, Skyline Stage/Navy Pier has been visitors from around the world. Regarded by many visitors as the number 1 destination in the Midwest for tourism and leisure activities, more than 8 million people visit each year. If you’re looking for a venue that has something for everyone all in one place, there is no question that the Skyline Stage/Navy Pier brings it right to your fingertips. Enjoy your favorite show at Skyline Stage and get in on all of the other enjoyable attractions, eateries, promenades, shops, gardens and more. They say it is where Chicago .es to play but it may be a more suitable statement to say it’s where everyone can .e to enjoy one of the most celebrated venues not just in Chicago but in the country. Soldier Field first opened its doors to the public in 1924. Over the next seventy five years, it would remain one of the most phenomenal hosts to special events and sporting venues. In 2003, Soldier Field breathed life into a new breed of hospitality with a renovation to the facility and the surrounding Parkland. Today, the one of a kind experiences that can be created at Soldier Field are memories designed to last a lifetime. At 1410 S. Museum, Soldier Field offers both indoor and outdoor special event rentals. The United Club is a 47,000 square foot two-story building offers unique views of the stadium with an amazing backdrop of the city skyline and Lake Michigan. Whether you have 500 or 5,000 people planned, this venue can handle your crowd easily and .fortably with provisions for everything from electrical hookups to an event coordinator and catering needs. Outdoor and stadium events abound at Soldier Field as well. Available all year round for parking lot and stadium events, virtually any event is a candidate for Soldier Field as the destination. Stadium seating at Solider Field lets you experience every pulsating moment whether it’s a concert or sporting event there are seating options for every budget and location preference. Suite Levels A, B, C and D are perfectly accessible by elevator and provide access to virtually every amenity imaginable to enjoy during the event. Whether you want to get up close to the home bench from the north end or the visitors’ bench from the south end, there are excellent sites from every point in this huge stadium that continues to be host to some of the most fascinating events around. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: