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Time machine, send you to Copenhagen in 1970s! I want to travel – Sohu often ~ a dozen ring, catch a gust of wind, go back to the past. This September, in Copenhagen, a dream come true! Golden Age since 1994, has been the annual grand festival in Copenhagen. The theme of the year covers a history of Copenhagen. The spotlight is our cultural heritage. This year’s festival from September 9th to 25, the theme of the "age of 70"". The total group and more than and 70 businesses and cultural institutions, participate in activities in Copenhagen, Copenhagen in 70s to provide high streets and back lanes, as the theme of the concert, exhibition, city tour, delicacy, and some fun outdoor activities. Events freshly baked, Xiaobian several excerpts, let us first see it! Golden age disco opening! This year’s golden age opens Party, bringing us into the 70s star shining disco planet. There are plenty of delicious experience, charming and sexy dancers, disco disco queen, chorus, nostalgic rollergirl… Come on! To jump into the 70’s.! On the opening date: September 9th 19:30–10 address: VEGA:ENGHAVEVEJ 14:00 40, COPENHAGEN tariff: free exhibition: 70s children color this summer a little boring? Don’t worry, we changed the color and age of the Gentofte children’s library. Welcome to the time machine, to the children of Denmark in 70s! Here, you can see Benny Bath, dressed as a mermaid, lying in a huge brown velvet sofa, watching the 70s children’s programs; there is a big TV, you can climb in, directed a 70s children’s television news. Spreadtrum date: September 5th -10 7 address: GENTOFTE LIBRARY, COPENHAGEN tariff free: retro music, dance, delicacy! Listen to the Danish pop music in 70s, enjoy the dance and enjoy the steak! The Party site will let you shouted accident, even in 70s the Vangede Library — a typical Danish building! Message date: September 9th 19:00-22:00 address: VANGEDE LIBRARY, COPENHAGEN tariff: DKK 95 Exhibition: shuttling between the house painter Ib Spang Olsen joy in the brush, full of Copenhagen in 70s. The town of Ishø J, the children in the streets of the shuttle and a wild profusion of vegetation green garden play; stream a piece of small yellow house, laughter jump in Olsen相关的主题文章: