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Sports-and-Recreation In recent years the snowboard has be.e a very popular sport and there is now a large variety of snowboard brands out there. There are hundreds of brands to choose from that sell boards, boots, bindings and other riding gear. The popularity of this sport merely .es from the sport being in the Olympics and because of many other extreme sport events. It is the winter version of skateboarding and all the hip people snowboard rather than ski. The best way to choose the most appropriate snowboard for you is to try it before you buy it; this is done by renting boards. Because winter sports equipment is expensive to buy, most ski resorts and ski shops rent boards and equipment. One of the biggest costs of snowboarding is the actual board. So it would be wise to rent a board you are looking into buying to make sure it fits your needs and make sure it is the sport you want to do. You can try out different brands and styles to ensure it is the right fit for you. When selecting a board most people will choose the board that best fits everything you might do while snowboarding. There are many single purpose boards but the all round board will suit your needs as you learn this sport. It will also let you go over jumps, go through moguls and even do the half pipe. But if you are a beginner you’ll be happy to get to the bottom of the hill falling as few times as possible. When choosing the all mountain board you want to make sure it fits your height and weight. Most men’s boards are different than women’s boards in regards to height and weight. Some of the .mon and popular snowboard brands are Burton, Flow, K2, and LIB Tech. For the top snowboard brands you better plan on spending nearly $500 to $1000, when you buy an expensive board you are getting a very specialized board that may be for a single purpose and for speed and tight turns. If you look towards the end of the season for these boards they tend to get cheaper since the snow season is almost over. They can drop nearly 50% at the end of the season, so if having a brand new board that is last year’s model doesn’t bother you then it best to hold off your purchase until then. There is a large selection of boards out there and it is hard to purchase a board online because you can’t touch and feel the board. It’s always a good idea to go to the store and find the board and look at it and see if it’s the one you want and then try to find it cheap online somewhere. If it is your first time snowboarding it is highly re.mended to rent before you buy to ensure it is the sport for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: