To see through the color, you are such a Lexus automobile Sohu happynewyear

To see through the color, you are such a Lexus car to see Sohu through color, you are such a Lexus car brand is not to talk about performance, configuration, even appearance are not discussed, but with a bunch of people to experience activities for color, what is all? In October 28th, a car color experience held in Shanghai, Lexus in a very sensitive way to show us the different colors of research ideas, a light and color of the dialogue, so this has been impressive is stubborn to paranoia of the luxury car brand showed a different side of the past. It is understood that Lexus color designers pay special attention to the appearance of the vehicle and the chamber in the overall coordination of color, material, texture and appearance of the collocation, how to combine the inner chamber in order to better establish the car for the first time with the user’s spiritual resonance is the main content of their work. Body color visually express the character of the vehicle, the pursuit of originality of Lexus will not simply select a natural color in the standard color plate, which is why Lexus has 30 exclusive paint colors, each of which one is according to the vehicle positioning and the independent research and development. Lexus paint color inspiration from nature suddenly moved, emphasizes the deep resonance between people and cars, for example, inspired by the Sapporo Snow White had a dull supersonic quartz, white in a different light showing snow shading color; and from 1500 degrees Celsius flame color blue flame it has a unique, extremely deep flame transparent, meaning people in the vehicle driving performance should be both warm and cool; using Lexus exclusive technology to build the multi-layer spray Hyun red, according to the different line and angle changing light red, unique and sexy; even on a cloudy day, in order to let people good to hear or see, designers use can also emit a unique aesthetic feeling in the cold metal titanium, titanium silver to create a supersonic vehicle, even in bad gas When the conditions can be beautiful as usual. Lexus color inspiration and color taste is also reflected in the interior color. The unique Lexus LC luxury car interior white, blue, and orange color, it is to capture the dawn of inspiration, fixed on the sky from the Tequila Sunrise orange gradually evolved into the blue sky was beautiful. The color development of the road to the ideal never simple color designer in the minds of the full reduction, the formation of the one and only the body color, Lexus R & D each color usually experienced at least one to two years. Designers will be transformed into the concept of color inspiration by color paint supplier development color samples, on an annual basis, according to the changes of different illumination conditions, even in seasons one day with different light conditions of color samples were batted. According to the general designer and sales department related personnel advice to adjust the palette, and finally by the birth of engineers and engineers to paint production line color make technical evaluation — every body color is a long process of a complex and challenging. Unique innovation and technological achievements!相关的主题文章: