To the formula e Yadi shift speed

The development of E to the Formula Yadi shift speed of the electric car industry cannot do without the word "change", the transition from simple function to travel driving pleasure, from the introduction of single style to the various styles of models, from machinery to intelligence…… It is precisely because of a word, electric cars will be recognized by more and more consumers and choice. Yadi should "change", and promote the industry to produce change, so that consumers have the well-being of the products for the purpose of promoting industry transformation from the simple function of driving pleasure to travel…… These changes is a breakthrough of the enterprise, but also a change in the industry. In October 8th, at Formula E (Yadi electric FIA Formula One Racing Championship) again in innovation shift speed to show the world of high-end smart electric vehicles Yadi Z3, the world’s fastest electric car LS-218, Yadi lightning announced strategic cooperation, Yadi show the world’s top resources integration, to create high-quality electric cars to. But why Yadi will choose Formula E as the main venue of the expedition? First, Hongkong 2016 electric racing championship is the world’s top events, is the world’s first FIA all electric single seat racing events, brought together the world’s best racers, the most advanced electric car and cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements. Yadi always walk in the forefront of the industry in terms of product development and innovation, but also use this opportunity to showcase the latest achievements of intelligent electric vehicle — Yadi Z3. Second, electric Racing Championship Racing industry is a symbol of the future, highlighting the promotion of green energy, enjoy the core value of driving pleasure, attracting a new generation of fans, driving enthusiasts attention and attention. Yadi as a representative of the new energy vehicles China, actively promote green and environmentally friendly way to travel, the way of life, this is consistent with the concept of electric FIA Formula One Championship and uphold the concept of. Third, Yadi group is listed on the main board of Hongkong enterprises successfully listed in May 19, 2016. At the same time, exports to the United States, Germany and other 66 countries around the world, for ten consecutive years, the sales of high-end industry leading. The internationalization of the event, the international platform for listed companies, the status of the international brand, which are owned by the unique resources and opportunities, so actively participate in this event. Yadi Formula E "innovation" and "environmental protection" and "international" is the main keywords, we can see the development of Yadi generous needle: in the course of innovation, advocating green and environment-friendly way to travel, to show the world Chinese originality to create international influence. Yadi in a time of change, completed the "shaping innovation, environmental protection, international", and this building never stopped for a moment, because the industry in advance that Yadi will not stop, and Yadi progress will promote the development of the industry. This is the world’s fastest electric car, and the next is the life, power is more likely to break the development of the industry’s historical turning point. I believe that in the future, Yadi industry will bring more surprises!相关的主题文章: