To the value or to the performance Proslim PS4 how can I choose

To the value or to the performance? PS4 Pro Slim how I choose SONY has just released a long rumored version of the upgraded version of the PS4 host. The new host is named PS4 Pro, its future will be formed in PS4 Slim high and low match, for different needs of players to provide more choices. Price, PS4 Pro U.S. $399 (about 2660 yuan), the Japanese price of 44980 yen. Will be on sale in November 10, 2016. While the PS4 Slim models based on PS4 will change cash faster listing. According to the plan, PS4 Slim host will be officially listed in September 15th, the United States priced at $299 (about 1990 yuan), the Japanese price of 29980 yen. Hardware specifications and cash PS4 host identical. PS4 PS4 and Pro PS4 Pro from the appearance point of view, PS4 and Slim to different extremes, one is for the performance (4K resolution, ultra high definition video game) at the expense of thickness, another is to enhance the value of the extreme light yan. Based on the existing game technology, even with PS VR, PS4 Slim also has adequate performance reserve, while PS4 Pro is more suitable for those who have more than 50 inch size 4K big screen TV hardcore game player. In the end is to Yan value or performance, depends on your own choice. SONY New York conference PS4 Pro (source: mydrivers editor: unhappy)   Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: