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Total control: net about new car ultimate BOSS network about cars with each city network about cars and the draft rules have to solicit public opinions about the new car, network layer of the veil has been lifted, the new deal are ready. When the buddies see network about cars and new "Outline", especially the "hukou", "vehicle" and "models" that several large "freckles", a variety of questions and criticism as a dangerous situation like hit. However, to say is fantasy, buddies to make "saw wood for the trees, mistakes, only to see the net about new car on the face" freckle "but did not see the network about the car’s whole body was tied, not long" freckles "strange. The network about the car tied up is the total control of the ultimate boss. It can be said that almost all of the new car network measures are in order to achieve total control, that is, the total amount of a city network to control the car up. Small partners who have been criticized for the wonderful provisions, all in the total control service. The difference is that the strict control of the different degree of each city, some city too strict control, some city is very strict, some city is relatively strict, but "strictness". The source of the car about the total control is not out of thin air, but there is a precise basis. At the end of July this year issued by the Ministry of transportation network "about car procedures" provisions of article third, "give priority to the development of city public transportation, moderate development of taxi, in accordance with the high quality service, the difference management principle, the orderly development of network about cars". Here, the moderate development of the taxi and orderly development of the network about cars are in the car about the network total control ambush pen, or provide a basis. At the outset, "network about cars" was introduced, a buddy saw "network approach" about the car removed before soliciting specific provisions on "total control" of the draft, has also worked for "network about cars" praise, it seems, "network about cars just" total control measures "" the intent of hidden, did not really give up. Look at the net and "way" about the car also released the "Office of the State Council on deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry guidance", the "guiding opinions" pointed out that the "city people’s government should give priority to the development of public transport, the moderate development of taxi, city traffic structure optimization…… According to the characteristics of large and medium-sized city, diverse public travel demand and taxi development orientation, considering the population quantity, the level of economic development, city traffic congestion, taxi mileage utilization rate and other factors, a reasonable grasp of the scale and the taxi transport in the comprehensive transportation system within the city sharing ratio, the establishment of dynamic monitoring and adjustment the mechanism, and gradually realize the market regulation". Therefore, the "guidance" has said very clearly, "suggested a total control of the taxi" (that is, a reasonable grasp of the scale of transport capacity), as for the progressive realization of market regulation ", it is almost a distant dream. The "measures" and the network about cars "guidance" as the basis, the city traffic department buddy got the "total control" of the sword, you can give full play to their imagination and creativity, on the net about the car made in accordance with the "total control" of the demand.相关的主题文章: