Trump said it would not be obscene because of the exposure of women to choose the record –

Trump said not for molesting female recording exposure withdrawal – International – original title: Republican presidential candidate Trump said not for molesting female recording exposure withdrawal of U.S. Republican presidential candidate John Trump says 8 days, he will not because contains a section of indecency and insulting to women speech conversation recording is open to withdraw from the election in 2005. Trump accepted the day of the United States, Washington Post interview, said he never quit the game in his life, this time will not withdraw from the presidential race in 2016. In addition, he also told the United States on the same day, the Wall Street Journal said that his withdrawal from the presidential election is zero. "Washington Post", 7, announced a very vulgar conversation in 2005, Trump, which contains obscene and insulting remarks of women. After the recording, Trump issued a brief statement to apologize, while claiming that the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary’s husband, former president, President, Mr. Bill’s private remarks, "there is nothing less than the". Trump’s recording immediately sparked public opinion and political turmoil in the United states. Not only the Hilary team and senior congressional Democrats lambasted, Republican National Committee Chairman Puri Bose, the speaker of the house of Representatives Paul? Ruian and many Republican members of Congress said in a statement that cannot tolerate Trump’s words and deeds. Up to now, at least two incumbent Republican governors and more than and 10 Republican congressmen have called for Mr Trump to withdraw. Trump’s running mate, the Republican vice presidential candidate Mike? Burns said in a statement 8, I could not accept to defend Trump used obscene and insulting to women’s remarks, but Burns also welcomed the apology of Trump. (reporter Lu Jiafei Xu Jianmei) (commissioning editor Yang Mu and Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: