Try taking Dongfeng Fengshen ax5 mountain sanctuary in high altitude test

Try taking Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 mountain sanctuary in high altitude test · Phoenix car test drive experience; the paper come Zhongjue shallow, and must know this to practice. Lu You: from "winter reading" this is shown in sub Yu Lu You in old age to educate their children to write seven quatrains, this sentence reflects in two aspects of learning the truth which contains: one is to make the effort, one is to practice ". The familiar Lu You Cheung quatrains, is just a complete summary of the AX5 high altitude test and my own experience. For AX5, a high altitude test is a stay must take the journey, no matter how the results of the pink of perfection in the experimental environment, it also just completed the first phase of the "effort", if you want to, in the vast territory and abundant resources and changeable environment achieve the stability of domestic products, it must be "to practice." the only real data to hangwanlilu after proving that the product is not withstand the harsh natural test. Why altitude testing? For the engine calibration, after the completion of desktop bench calibration, calibration, calibration, emission driving OBD standard based calibration test after preparing the "three high" test. The pressure is low in the plateau, the air is thin, the fuel needed for combustion is different from the plain. The engine ECU must be able to identify the atmospheric pressure at high altitude and correct the intake. Premixed gas conditioning, driving performance, knock control at high load to adjust exhaust temperature and catalyst temperature by delaying ignition advance angle. Of course, these only for the engine, the plateau low air pressure in high altitude and large slope lifting for DCT transmission blocking logic, non bumpy pavement face hanging test and fatigue test for aging and temperature changes of tires and other rubber parts. This choice is tested at home in the Tibetan Plateau, we stay in the city of Lhasa is 3658 meters above sea level, at an elevation of high oxygen content of only about 62% of the plain area, which will undoubtedly affect the efficiency of the engine intake, let fuel not fully burning. This also leads to the engine power down. The AX5 assembled a self-developed 1.4T turbocharged engine, codenamed A14T. Compared with H6 and T600 1.5T of Harvard Thailand engine, A14T can achieve peak torque at 1800r min, the maximum power of 103 kilowatts, with peak torque of 196 cattle · meters. This is important for city driving and mild off-road sections, sufficient low torque can accelerate faster in the initial stage, and for manual transmission, low torque but also plenty of to start more easily, selecting gear tolerance is also higher. AX5 1.4T turbo engine parameter models AX5 A14T multi-point EFI 1.5T the Great Wall hover H6 multi point injection Zotye T600 1.5T multi injection displacement (ML) rated power (kW) 10355001105600119 (Nm 196) 5500 torque 1800-4500 210 2200-4500 215 2000-4000 tab: phoenix.相关的主题文章: