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TV series "crown" hot strikes deep grilled queen how many crown lead: Netflix annual drama "crown" launched in November 4th, at a cost of over 800 million yuan of cost enough to catch the eye. A strong lineup and luxury clothing is also a great aspect. As mentioned in the title of this episode, let’s look at how many sovereign crowns the queen has. Edit @YumengCheung[micro-blog] although the drama, but the drama from the lineup to make cost a little better than bad movies. Elizabeth S by Claire · (Claire Foy); Fu Yi play. Matt · Smith (Matt Smith) and John · (John Lithgow); Lee Teuk high as Prince Philip and Churchill. "The Queen" drama script by screenwriter Peter · Morgan wrote, "all the time" by director Stephen · directed by Daldry, tells the story of Elizabeth S and Churchill in England after World War II, reshape the story. The story began from Prelude starring Elizabeth married Princess Philip in 1947. After February 6, 1952, Elizabeth S is visiting Kenya from her father Henry VI’s death, returning to the throne, her until a year after the coronation at Westminster cathedral. Morgan wrote about Elizabeth S’s personal, political and social success as a queen, as well as the unrest. This is the 90 birthday of Queen Elizabeth S, the British from the beginning has been vigorously the celebration at the end of the year, because the "crown" and everyone’s attention again focused on the British Royal family. The play presents a lot of contradictions, including the queen and Prince Philip, and between the queen and Churchill. You know some gossip young prince Philip but let the British royal family was very headache, and the American TV drama can not leave what yo face to the British royal family, so a closeup of the play is also a contradiction. Another highlight of this drama is the elegant clothing accessories, of course, the Queen’s royal crown of those who are sure to be engraved. "King George IV Wang Guan" (George IV State Diadem): "Wang Guan" from the first official poster series official poster that top Wang Guan speaking, Claire · photographed posters side Yan Fu Yi; wear is the Queen’s famous "King George IV Wang Guan" (George IV State Diadem), of course, is a copy. The crown also appeared in the play. The Claire · foy played queen Elizabeth wearing the "crown of King George IV" copy "the crown of King George IV (George IV State Diadem"), also known as the diamond crown, made in 1820, the main feature is to have a set of four fork four bouquets of roses, thistles and alternate clover, shape by diamonds. This crown only.相关的主题文章: