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UnCategorized The different types of climbing competitions are: speed climbing red point, bouldering, and on-sight. These competitions are held on an Indoor-climbing wall, under all safety regulations made mandatory for rock climbing. Bouldering: Bouldering competitions include short climbing routes and moves that demand a lot of strength. Bouldering is performed, without the aid of ropes. The competitions are easy to arrange and have global appeal. This training for bouldering climbing requires pace and power training. The format is apt for red point or on sight. Red Point: The red point competition requires the athletes to climb different rock routes. Every route differs in the difficulty level and applied effort. The difficulty level and the competition points are proportional to each other, with points awarded only when the route is finished. Athletes competing in the red point competition can warm up on simple routes. A climb requires strength and endurance. Hence, many climbers have a go at a climb twice till they successfully finish the compulsory number of climbs. The organizers could place an examiner at each route, or let the competitors verify each others scorecards. ON-sight: This form of climbing is extremely competitive and covers all physical and mental aspects of climbing. The athletes are permitted one preview climb and one attempt on each route. The points are awarded, in accordance with the height a climber achieves at every climb. The competition demands the climbing of the route, one athlete at a time. The rules strictly forbid any discussion regarding the route or wall with climbers in the isolation area. After the attempt is a made, a climber can stay in the viewing area with spectators or leave the arena immediately. The format is popular in National and World Cup climbing events. International and Professional Competitions . A Internationally Sanctioned competition: A professional looking forward to a career in rock climbing would need to perform in sanctioned climbing competitions. A sanctioned climbing competition awards points that affect the national ranking or world ranking. The Union Internationale Des Associations D’Alpinisme (UIAA) is the authorized body that sanctions tournaments that award points for international ranking of climbers. Within the UIAA, the Comite Internacionale de Competition d’Escalade (ICC) oversees the level and growth of a country to qualify for competition at the World Cup level. . UIAA: The sanctioning body for international climbing competitions is the International Union of Alpinist Associations. The committee has representatives from more than 60 member countries. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the official sports body recognizes the UIAA as the official competition climbing committee. . The World Cup: The World Cup organizes a series of international rock climbing competitions that involves the winners from each member country of the UIAA. The competition is held for both female and male categories. The winner at a preliminary is selected to represent his country. The winner can then participate in a variety of internationally sanctioned events, such as the World Cup series. The UIAA permits substitutions and exclusion to the participating countries. After world cup series is concluded, the climber with the maximum amount of points is considered as the World Cup winner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: