UnionPay international and Russia’s national payment card company launched card issuance for the fir-pgd-426

The International Union for the first time with the Russian national payment card issuing company to carry out cooperation in new network in new Beijing on 14 September, (reporter Liu Changzhong) reporter learned from the China cup, cup international and Russian national payment card company (NSPK) 14 in Shanghai signed a cooperation agreement to start issuing cooperation for local residents, local and international card travel to provide new payment options, better support two-way communication between China and russia. China UnionPay official said, the International Union and NSPK to carry out the issuing cooperation, a is issued by MIR at the same time, UnionPay debit card can be accepted on both sides of the use of the network significantly expanding Russian residents in the inside and outside of the card; two is to promote large-scale Russian mainstream institutions UnionPay card, speeding up Russia’s UnionPay card the localization of business development process; three is to promote financial cooperation between China and russia. In 2014, the Russian central bank set up a national payment card system operating company NSPK, which was responsible for transferring the local transactions of all international card brands in Russia, to ensure continuity and safety of these card transactions. NSPK also created a local payment card brand MIR, and vigorously promote the Russian bank issued and accepted MIR card, promote the development of electronic payment. At present, NSPK has participated in 130 banks in Russia, and the MIR card acceptance network has continued to expand. The International Union official said, "with The Belt and Road" strategy, and actively promote the International Union and the Russian market to participate in the cooperation of the parties, in recent years, Russia’s UnionPay card business breakthrough. NSPK has advantages in the Russian market, and UnionPay international acceptance network has covered 160 countries and regions, UnionPay, MIR dual identification card can be used in the MIR network in Russia, but also in the acceptance of UnionPay card network fully accepted, to achieve complementary network services. At present, Russia has more than 30 merchants and more than 40 thousand ATM can use UnionPay cards, mainly in Moscow, St Petersburg and other cities in the airport, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, pharmacies and other places. In addition, more than 500 thousand UnionPay cards have been issued by 10 major institutions, which are used in nearly 60 countries and regions such as Russia and China, and become more and more popular payment tools for Russian residents. (end)

银联国际与俄罗斯国家支付卡公司首次开展发卡合作-中新网   中新社北京9月14日电 (记者 刘长忠)记者从中国银联获悉,银联国际与俄罗斯国家支付卡公司(NSPK)14日在上海签署合作协议,启动发卡合作,为当地居民本地用卡和国际出行提供新的支付选择,更好地支持中俄双向交流。   中国银联有关负责人表示,此次银联国际与NSPK开展发卡合作,一是所发行的银联、MIR借记卡可同时在双方受理网络上使用,大幅拓展了俄罗斯居民在境内外的用卡范围;二是可促进俄罗斯主流机构大规模发行银联卡,加快俄罗斯的银联卡业务本地化发展进程;三是推动中俄两国金融合作。   2014年,俄罗斯中央银行成立国家支付卡系统运营公司NSPK,负责转接所有国际卡品牌在俄发卡的本地交易,确保这些卡片交易的连续性和安全性。NSPK同时创建了本地支付卡品牌MIR,并大力推动俄银行发行和受理MIR卡,促进电子支付发展。目前,NSPK在俄已有130家参与银行,MIR卡的受理网络也持续扩大。   银联国际有关负责人表示,顺应“一带一路”战略实施,银联国际积极推进与俄罗斯市场参与各方的合作,近年来俄罗斯的银联卡业务取得突破性进展。NSPK在俄罗斯市场具备优势,而银联的国际受理网络已覆盖160个国家和地区,银联、MIR双标识卡既可在俄境内MIR网络使用,也能在银联卡受理网络全面受理,实现了网络服务的互补。   目前,俄罗斯有超过30万家商户和4万多台ATM可以使用银联卡,主要分布在莫斯科、圣彼得堡等城市的机场、酒店、宾馆、超市、药店等场所。此外,当地已有10家主要机构发行了超过50万张银联卡,这些卡片在俄罗斯、中国等近60个国家和地区使用,成为越来越多俄罗斯居民喜爱的支付工具。(完)相关的主题文章: