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Investing Whats the best way to advertise to your potential clientele? Well, theres newspaper advertising, which is somewhat affordable. But you only get a limited amount of space to showcase your offer. And Internet advertising will cost you a lot either through money or time. Money the cost if you utilize Adwords campaigns, where having to pay several dollars per click is the norm. But time is an issue if you try to build a website that is optimized for the search engines. So, what else can you do? Consider establishing an advertising campaign through a direct mailing list. How does advertising through a direct mailing list work? Well first, you must acquire mailing list leads. These are available from a variety of marketing .panies. When you get a mailing list lead, you will be provided with basic information including a persons name and address. More expensive mailing list leads packages will incorporate more detailed information. Mailing list leads are available for virtually any type of direct mailing campaigns you could possibly need. For example, if you wanted to .pile a mortgage mailing list, you would buy mortgage leads. For insurance mailing lists, you would get insurance leads. The list goes on and on. In fact, speaking of mortgage mailing lists, it should be noted that mortgage programs convert very well through direct mailing. This is because building a mortgage mailing list is relatively easy. You could do it yourself if you had extra time to sift through public records at your local courthouse. But why bother when a marketing .pany can do the work for you? Besides, many will take a step further and form a telemarkted mortgage list. What is a telemarkted mortgage list? A telemarketed mortgage list contains specific data acquired through telemarketed surveys. Some .panies will even advertise your offer to their telemarkted mortgage list, so interest is generated before you even send out your flyer. Either way, the process of advertising to leads on your direct mailing list is the same it doesnt really matter what the offer is. In fact, you dont even need a fancy postcard, (though they do generate a lot of attention). What you should be concentrating on is creating an ad that hits at your potential clients needs and wants. For example, some mortgage .panies will include a fake check when sending out circulars to individuals on their mortgage mailing list. They will then say that the person can get this amount of money if they use their .pany for refinancing. Such an approach hits at the persons emotions, and may very well lead to a phone call. In conclusion, dont overlook the power of a direct mailing list. Granted, there is the chance that the person will throw the advertisement away, but you still get a longer period to connect with them, especially if you use postcards over a letter. Why postcards? Its simple. With postcards consumers will see your offer for at least a few seconds. But with letters they must open the envelope, something they may not do if they sense the letter is an advertisement. Of course, if you cant afford to use postcards, go on and use letters, because many marketers will just design the envelope in such a way that it will be too enticing to throw away. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: