Vanke deep realization of gambling plan

Vanke deep realization of gambling plan? Wen Sina Financial opinion leader column (WeChat public number kopleader) columnist Jiang Bojing current situation is also not conducive to the entrance of the Shenzhen Metro subway entrance. There are treasure before the Department, after a rival, but also the original boss Huarun, who would like to Shenzhen subway to pick peaches? The previous treasure and Huarun’s joint opposition to the problem has been explained. "One dollar per share gambling plan" will be achieved? Vanke has been quiet for a long time the palace fighting event, recently broke a surprise message. That is, there is a one yuan per share between the Shenzhen subway and the gambling plan"! But the news is not the result of Vanke’s announcement, but the Shenzhen subway head Lin Maode speak at a seminar on. According to the show, "in order to adapt to the rapid development of new urbanization, promote the healthy and sustainable development of city rail transportation industry, the national development and Reform Commission in September 8th held a symposium on the innovation of the financing mechanism of city rail transit. At the meeting, Shenzhen Metro Group Chairman Lin Maode in his speech, the last mentioned such a point: "we all know that we are involved in a listed company, but also can not say, many people asked why I participate in, first, I told him to bet, we take you about 2000000000 shares, must keep each year a piece of money to me, to give me 2 billion points per year, equivalent to the cash flow is very good. Second, he has increased 100 times over the past 20 years, the next ten years he grew 1 times I earn 50 billion, an increase of 2 times I earn 100 billion, I have a loan repayment source." Although Lin Maode did not directly explain their participation in the name of the listed company, but we will naturally think of the Shenzhen subway has a close relationship with vanke. And some media reports, then directly out of the name of vanke. According to Vanke released in June 18, 2016: "Vanke A display issue shares to buy assets plan", "intends to purchase Vanke Metro Group holds 100% stake in Qianhai international to issue shares, the initial trading price of 45 billion 613 million yuan. The listed company will be paid by way of issue of shares trading on the price of all, preliminary determine the price of shares issue price of 15.88 yuan per share, for the 93.61% days the listing of the company’s stock price 60 days before the pricing benchmark. According to this calculation, the listed company will issue 2872355163 shares of A shares to the Metro group." Vanke announcement "2872355163 shares of A stock, and Lin promos mouth" is extremely consistent, about 2000000000 shares ". In the past six months, in addition to Vanke, Shenzhen subway no other restructuring objects. So, Lin Maode said the listed company is undoubtedly vanke. See this message, I look at the Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. in recent years, the annual report. I found that with the restructuring plan Vanke, if successful, the Shenzhen subway is very rewarding, "Ben Xiaoli.". Since 2011, except)相关的主题文章: