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[diary] Venice to Venice, the old man must carefully review the Venice Film Festival red carpet world’s oldest film festival, Venice Film Festival, this year is the seventy-third. The film festival is not held on the island of Venice, on the island of Lido. Lido is a long strip of Islands, residents about twenty thousand. In addition to the film festival, here is the novel "death in Venice" (also translated as "the death of Venice") of the story. In 1911, German writer Thomas Mann · to the holiday island of Lido, the following year he was inspired to have published the novella "death in Venice", written by the famous German writer is the beauty of youth on the road have a crush on from Poland, and finally catch up to death because of cholera – everyone can understand, a this is the projection of the author’s emotion. By 1971, the Italy film master Visconti to "death in Venice" unfilmable, at that time Thomas · Baines hotel in Manchester (Grand Hotel des Bains) framing. However, "death in Venice" and not to the original birthplace of many face, but the premiere at the Cannes film festival. In addition to mention is that the viewfinder of the luxury hotel in Lido is "the English Patient", Cairo has been damaged Shepheard’s Hotel scenes are filmed here. "Death in Venice" from the big concept in the city of Venice, the viewfinder movie be too numerous to enumerate. Relatively deep impression, also the number of a horror film "Venice soul" (Don’t Look Now suspect), actor experiencing the pain of loss of female, to work in Venice, finally also hung – appears to be rather baffling old men, but curved or straight, to Venice to be careful.   the "Venice spirit" is still on the first suspected free articles pulled here, said the following serious film festival, of course, it is only a little experience in my personal perception, write a day to see what, love or not love, probably not the kind of pointing jiangshan. This year the opening film "Philharmonic city" (La La Land), is a "blowout" drummer director Damian · Chazelles film. With the success of blessing before, the Chazelles got greater financial support, big stars to join the production scale at a glance to see out, the money is not wasted. The plot is simple to play down the high commander of hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, jazz musicians, rock sister is always in actresses, two people meet in Losangeles accident…… "City" and "Philharmonic Philharmonic city" is a musical, an almost lost type of film, an obvious sign is dance star disappeared, said Kim · John Kelly Astaire, the golden age of the dancing king, · Travolta fame has been forty years ago. Therefore, the high command and the performance of the stone sister song and dance, in fact, can slightly lower expectations. Woody · Alan’s "coffee commune" is part of the work of this year’s three film festival opening film, there are elements of the Hollywood classic era, simply say that the film from the film. Berlin is Cohen相关的主题文章: