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Beauty In 1982 the Vera Bradley .pany (Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.) opened its doors for business in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This Midwest American .pany was envisioned by two women, Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley, as they sat together waiting at the busy Atlanta Airport. Watching the crowds hustle past, the pair soon noticed a problem. The women travelers were all toting bland, boring and altogether unfeminine luggage. The name Vera Bradley Designs was after the name of Baekgaards’s mother. It is now so linked with soft, brightly colored patterned purses and bags that suit the women. these are available in various sizes and styles. your tastes may differ but you will surely be able to find something to match your tastes here. Most Vera Bradley purses have Persian designs and patterns. It is not hard to find the mixture of sheer softness, female design, and rare sophistication when you look in all the right places, especially if you are looking to find the Vera Bradley collection. Just as the styles and designs vary widely, so do the prices of Vera Bradley purses. Shopping for a Vera Bradley purse can be great fun. So much so that you may not want to stop at just one! Vera Bradley has bags for every occasion. There are purses for work and purses for a weekend away. The smaller purses are perfect for a night out on the town, and larger bags that are idea for business trips. One such bag is the Metro; your laptop will fit this bag perfectly. What does the wonderful world of Vera Bradley have in store for you in terms of colorful ultra feminine purses? Take a look .Some examples of the most popular Vera Bradley purses include Hannah, Cargo Sling, Messenger, Curvy Tote, Amy, Villager, Katie, Lindsay, Lola, Sherry, Little Betsey, Betsey and a purse aptly named Vera! Not only does it look stylish and fashionable, the Cargo Sling gives plenty of space for all your necessities. This type of purse is a sling-style purse, and has a handy adjusting strap! There are plenty of patterns to choose from, and they are all designed to fit snug against the curves of your body. One of the most adorable small purses is the Katie purse. If you are contemplating carrying only a couple of things this is the most ideal purse. This purse can be put inside a bigger purse if required thereby making it more versatile. Young girls beginning to learn to use purses the Katie purse is an ideal choice. Present a Katie purse to either for your daughter or younger sister or niece and teach her to use it properly the Vera way! Lola is a purse for many occasions and many places! Lola is a fun vibrant purse that .es in a multitude of eye catching designs and colors. Just a few to name include Capri Blue Lola, Pinwheel Pink Lola, Cambridge Lola and Mod Floral Pink Lola. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: