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Video-Conferencing In the current technological trend, still there are ample number of farmers who are still employing the traditional techniques for farming. Even though if some of the agricultural professionals are organizing a training session in any of the metropolitan in a country, it is difficult for some of the farmers to attend the training session by all the way routing from their village. In these cases, if a village panchayath afford for a video conferencing, then all the farmers in the village can attend such training sessions virtually. As a solution to the query: what can a farmer learn from video conferencing ?, the following are some of the functionalities, that a farmer can learn through the virtual training sessions. The farmer can learn how to crop non origin species (species that are cultivated under foreign geographic conditions), by virtually having face to face .munication with a farmer who is proficient in farming such crops. Initially if a farmer wants to start a crop which is non origin, then he/must have to consult various experts such as soil inspectors, Scientists, rural agricultural development officer, Extension Officers, Horticulturists, Researchers, Field Workers, Agronomists, Service Providers and Inspectors. Through this solution, the farmer at a time consult all of them. Normally the seeding of each plant differ from one another, the farmer can learn all these techniques by watching live seeding of the professors at Research and Development Center. Through the video conferencing, the farmers can learn how making use of certain machines or tools imported from foreign countries, that are helpful in enhancing the grain production. Watershed planning is the most important part in the farming, this technique cannot be learned or implemented by just listening to the instructions of the trainer, rather the farmer must have to keenly observe how the watering must be given at each interval of crop seasons. The video conferencing solutions are now pretty much affordable, so that each village panchayath can arrange agriculture training sessions for their farmers. With the aid of this technology, the farmers can learn new farming techniques and this will result in increased production of food grains. Technology is made familiar for the farmers. The cropping techniques that are explained by the instructor, through the video conferencing, will be clear and concise and it will be as clear as he/she is getting trained in live conversation or a physical training session. About the Author: Clickbank Giveaways A .pletely Different Twist On Inter. Marketing Giveaways Advertise market your business, your products or services,plus your services together with the thoughtful gift of the promotional calendar from Action Printing Inc. 相关的主题文章: