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Volcano activity frequent Japan asosan surrounding areas continue to maintain the original title: active volcano alert Japan asosan surrounding areas continue to maintain vigilance in new network on 10 October, according to Japanese media reports, recently, Xiongben Prefecture in Japan asosan volcano eruption explosive Zhongyue first. Since then, volcanic activity has been active. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency survey, the eruption of the 8 month of this month, along with the eruption of volcanic ash to the northeast. In the distance from the volcano about 6 km northeast of the city police department were ASO volcano ash accumulation, the thickness of 3 cm, volcano ash also drift into the part of Kyushu and Shikoku around. In addition, in the northeast region, small volcano slag flying to distant locations, confirmed 4 kilometers from the volcano craters to the volcano cinder diameter of 7 cm. 8 days after the eruption, asosan not erupted again, but it can still be observed volcano and earthquake pulsation. The amount of dust emitted from the crater is in a state of continuous activity, and the volcanic activity is still very active. The Japan Meteorological Agency believes that the size of the eruption may occur in the future, continue to mount ASO volcano area released 3 level eruption warning and urged residents, at a distance of about 2 km the first volcano range, pay attention to the prevention of large volcano slag and volcano clastic flow, an area and a small volcano volcano ash monitor slag. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: