Wang Kai Wang Ziwen today snail fixing slow interpretation of love (video)-mcncc

"Snail" today Wang Kai Wang Ziwen interpretation of fixing "slow" Sherlock Wang Kai notes love snail birthday party kkw handsome fried variety! Tencent entertainment news today (September 7th), by Penguin pictures and midday sun pictures CO produced, Wang Kai, Wang Ziwen starred in the TV series "if love" the snail has formal fixation in Burma. The play has attracted much attention since the early years to shoot, after Yunnan, Burma and other places in the viewfinder, finally completed today the last shot, entered the post production stage. "If the snail has love" described by Wang Kai as a police captain bahls and Wang Ziwen played by the criminal psychological profilers Xu Xu cooperation in one case gradually produce feelings story. Public servant bahls image handsome Hale Wang Kai and the serious and responsible, repeatedly breaking him and weird agree without prior without previous consultation, the Wang Ziwen challenge feelings like snail slow Xu xu. Two people’s cooperation will shape what kind of love story, triggering public expectations. The last day of shooting at the local train station for a hundred years, the end is the shooting, is the beginning of the whole work, of great significance. The filming after nearly half a year, the common experience of many, the crew qinruyijia. Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen in Burma has been fixing, farewell hug and director Zhang Kaizhou, the co stars and the crew, touching scenes. TV drama "love" if snails have adapted from the novel of the same name ding ink, by Penguin pictures and midday sun pictures CO produced, Zhu Zhu screenwriter, director Zhang Kaizhou, Hou Hongliang, Wang Kai, Wang Ziwen, producer, Xu Yue, starring in identity, will visit the Tencent in October 2016, Oriental TV video, please pay attention.相关的主题文章: