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"World of Warcraft" and "mute" director of the new movie exposure of the latest concept – "mute" entertainment Sohu is expected in the first half of next year. At the beginning of 2018 landed in North American cinemas Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) in this summer launched a worldwide fantasy blockbuster "Warcraft" Hollywood director Duncan Jones, though always put the "Warcraft 2 shooting" Guazaizuibian, but in fact, he has started preparations for another science fiction film. This is called "mute" (Mute) of the science fiction thriller film, has entered the preparatory stage, today announced the latest visual concept photos. The picture sketched a depressing future city atmosphere, and "world of Warcraft" is completely different, Jones will return to the "source code" Moon "period of aesthetic preference, a film having a personal style of the science fiction. "Mute" is a place in the future of the thriller, Jones in an interview before the foreign media has made it clear that this will be his favorite to the classic film "Blade Runner" tribute, but from the visual concept map published today, the picture is full of a "Blade Runner" type the psychedelic and dark tone. The story happened in Berlin in the future, that is, the world famous city has become a very volatile city of immigrants, the hero of the movie is a bartender, in order to his beloved girlfriend strong to live here, but the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend changed everything. In the process of finding a girlfriend, he met an American surgeon, the emergence of this figure has led to a more terrible crisis. The movie star is quite good, this year just starred in "Taishan return" of the Swedish sexy actor Alexander Skarsgrd, played the male lead. For the comic book movie "ant" in Hollywood in the limelight Paul Luther, as surgeon, has the very strong opponents play with the actor. In addition, Jones successfully worked with high reputation sci-fi movie "Moon" the Berlin actor winner Sam Rock will also join the film, has confirmed the performance. "Mute" is expected in the first half of next year. At the beginning of 2018 landed in North American cinemas, according to Jones’s plan, "" the mute graphic novel will also be released worldwide.相关的主题文章: