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[WB]23 on the auspicious square SMG football the same odds: inter durjaya Abstract: the odds odds combination is not inexhaustible, the odds of a specific interval, the same structure will be repeated, the different structure of the combined odds play their what effect, historical performance throughout the same odds, can often find some breakthrough. Atlanta VS Inter Milan game time: 21:00 October 23rd, Atlanta is ranked fourteenth in Serie A, record 3 wins, 1 draws, 4 losses, into the 10 lost 12 balls, offensive and defensive general. In the 5 round of team 2 wins 1 flat 2 negative record, but recently had 1 ball victory over Naples home court, home court erudite. Juventus (official data) is currently ranked eleventh in the Serie A record 3 wins, 2 draws and 3 defeats, scoring 10 goals to lose 10 balls, and are generally. The odds are 3.30 3.35 2.26, with the history of lost and found probability is 29%, a probability of 28%, win probability is 43%, the odds that occupy a certain advantage. The longitudinal comparison, both sides played 10 League 3 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses be on a par with. From the trend of view, inter went into the European Cup Cup less combat, tenacious victory over the Premier League strong Southampton, ending the 3 round of the tournament is not embarrassing, but because the European war too much consumption, this field can not be too high. Atlanta recently unbeaten, in good condition, and the international game with Milan, although the win in the Champions League, but the poor performance is unstable, the disc open guest Let flat half low water on the team support is insufficient, the international Milan or less holding is wonderful. Taken into consideration, the game will be the first choice for Atlanta to win.

[WB吉祥坊]23日竞彩足球相同赔率:国米难胜摘要:赔率公司的赔率组合并非无穷无尽的,特定区间内,相同的赔率结构会重复出现,这些不同结构的赔率组合各自发挥着什么效果,纵观相同赔率的历史表现,往往可以找到一些突破口。亚特兰大VS国米比赛时间:10月23日 21:00亚特兰大目前意甲排名第14,战绩3胜1平4负,进10失12球,攻防一般。近5轮球队2胜1平2负战绩一般,但近来曾主场1球小胜那不勒斯,主场颇有心得。尤文(官网 数据) 目前意甲排名第11,战绩3胜2平3负,进10球失10球,攻防均一般。本场赔率是3.30 3.35 2.26,历史同赔当中,主胜概率为29%,平局概率为28%,客胜概率为43%,赔率显示客队占据一定优势。纵向对比,双方10次联赛交手,双方3胜4平3负不分伯仲。从走势看,国米上场欧联杯少一人作战的情况下顽强战胜英超劲旅南安普顿,终结了各项赛事3轮不胜的尴尬,但由于欧战消耗过大,本场亦不可高看。亚特兰大近期保持不败,状态良好,战意十足,而国际米兰虽然在欧战中取胜,但联赛表现不佳,状态不稳,现亚盘开出客让平半低水对球队支持力度不足,本场国际米兰还是少捧为妙。综合考虑,本场比赛首选亚特兰大取胜,次选双方握手言和。相关的主题文章: