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We help you asked Zhao Wei how she was in Venice when the judges [Abstract]2014, Zhao Weicai for the first time in the exhibition piece "dear" creative identity stage in Venice, in 2016 he was invited as judges, called the hanging open. Zhao Wei Venice closing video Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Tiemei) in late July, the Venice Film Festival officially announced, Zhao Wei became the seventy-third Venice Film Festival judges, nine judges is only one of the Asian judges, after Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Xu Feng, and Joan Chen, the fifth Venice Film Festival as the Chinese actress. The news came out, many people surprised, in 2014, Zhao Weicai for the first time in the exhibition piece "dear" creative identity stage in Venice, in 2016 he was invited as judges, called the hanging open. In fact, the world’s oldest film festival never stuffy. The judges in the last year, just by virtue of "from afar" won the first Golden Lion Award Lorenzo · Las Vegas, became the judges this year. Moreover, the nine judges in this year, the actress accounted for a total of four seats, Zhao Wei is one of them, but she is also more than other actresses, one of the identity – director, director of Chinese women. However, compared to these, we are more concerned about, as the judges came to the beautiful city of Zhao Wei, what is this ten days how to go? English subtitles beat her? In addition to watch movies nonstop, what does she do? What is the most memorable experience of the judges? The afternoon of September 8th, finally voted Zhao Wei, his face easily appears in front of us, with long hair draped over her shoulders, a sportswear is very refreshing, a feeling, "Philippines competition film last night after four hours of leaving the woman", he is how long sighed. Then, in addition to clever to bypass the results revealed, she and we chatted for the first time when the judges feel Venice. She laments, when the degree of fatigue of the judges no less than when the director, one of the most tired part of the English subtitles, but ten days later she found his English is also a lot of progress. But let her surprise is that you can break through the aesthetic bias, to see some of the usual will not look at the alternative style of work, which makes the director as she was very excited. Talking about the exchange with other judges, Zhao Wei said he was able to translate, let others listen to accept their views. And she’s a lot of talk, but also aroused the desire to watch her director’s work – however, compared to the youth, she would like to introduce their new film to all the judges. The Zhao Wei red carpet debut in the finale in July was invited to Venice, more important is the identity of her director of the seventy-third Venice two months before the opening, Zhao Wei received a formal invitation to the festival. Prior to this, the organizing committee sent to Beijing, when the invitation for her, I hope she will be the actress and female director to join the jury, and asked her time. There is no film about the body she readily consented. She would like to take this opportunity to look at those she usually do not have time, it is difficult to cross the aesthetic system of their own to see, many subjects and their lives far apart or even completely unrelated, will eventually be placed in an evaluation system.相关的主题文章: