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The website violated the "Huang Haibo" event actress privacy was sentenced to pay 10 thousand yuan – Beijing for a video content of a company’s website entertainment channel broadcast, relates to the "Huang Haibo" event actress Ryu’s personal privacy, Liu will be the company to court, requested the deletion involving video, issued a statement of apology and compensation for mental solatium 500 thousand yuan. Court of first instance found that a company infringement and pay compensation for mental damages 10 thousand yuan liu. After both sides refused to accept the decision, appeal to the Beijing intermediate people’s court, a court of second instance upheld recently. In May 16, 2014, Beijing police news release, May 15th at 6 pm, Beijing police according to public reports, the Grand Gongda Jianguo Hotel is whoring star Huang Haibo was arrested, was arrested along with a woman. The company’s website after the entertainment channel has a section entitled "media exposure of a prostitute woman actor Huang: Shenyang has 4 years of degeneration of the video, the video reported:" Huang Haibo "event actress Liu Shenyang, transgender people, but women have 9 years, no formal work……" Liu found in the video, a video website that open in the name, nationality, age and other information relating to personal privacy behavior has seriously violated her privacy and other related rights, and give her life and work caused great distress and irreparable social impact. In this regard, the company said, Liu mother in the video before Liu name, age, occupation and sex reassignment surgery experience and other information to the public, so this kind of information is not a personal secret Liu; secondly, the website video content uploaded by users, the company is not released, the company of users upload the content has been set in advance the corresponding monitoring and review measures. The first instance court found the video provided by a company constituted a violation of the privacy of Liu, Liu and ruled the website to apologize and pay compensation of 10 thousand yuan. After the verdict, both sides refused to accept the appeal to the Beijing intermediate people’s court. In a court hearing that: a company will involve Liu personal health and social sensitive events to the video in the form of information released, Liu without my permission, no video content authenticity to be verified, constitute a violation of the privacy of Liu, in accordance with the law shall bear civil liability. Taking into account the fact that the case involved in the event has been a certain degree of openness in the community, the court of first instance, as appropriate, the amount of compensation for mental damages, there is no improper. Finally, a court verdict two rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict. Text reporter Li Tiezhu intern reporter Yuan Bing相关的主题文章: