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WeChat group class: parents show Bianwei sun baby selling mask scraper does not stop with the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile phone platform rapid popularization, communication between teachers and parents have entered the era of WeChat channel. From kindergarten to primary and secondary schools, almost every class is established for home school communication of WeChat group, issued a notice, the teacher homework becomes convenient, parents can also be the first time that the situation of children in school. However, everything has two sides, the same is true of the WeChat group. The cartoon network according to the "people’s Daily Overseas Edition of" 17 days of reports, teachers and parents to communicate more and more cannot do without the "class WeChat group", but do not know from what time, "class WeChat group" to change the taste, wealth, baby sun, pull the vote, salesman, stock…… Parents do not follow the rules, how to educate their children to comply with the rules?! The parents refused to "Shuabing machine" – Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province Yuan Xiaohui teacher’s Day approaching, WeChat group kept all kinds of brush with the teacher’s blessing. Teachers are really quite hard, with the blessing of our parents to the teacher is Shuaping, expressing gratitude hard way. But sometimes, the endless Shuabing gave my life to bring a lot of trouble. My vision is 5 years old this year, in August, when the opening of the preschool teacher, proposed to build a group to promote communication between parents, teachers and parents to communicate. Good intention, I think such an exclusive group, what’s the problem, parents and teachers to give advice and suggestions, will be more at ease. Usually, the teacher will be arranged in the group work, will also be informed of some of the children in the school, and sometimes notify the group of some matters. WeChat group is very convenient for everyone to understand the basic information. The impression is the first day of kindergarten, children, parents feel more uneasy, worried that the children do not have enough to eat, worry that children do not drink water, worried that the children do not sleep, worry about the conflict of their own children and other children, etc.. I think do not have to care about things, that time is particularly important, all the details are let me and parents are very worried about like me. After the group of teachers, every day to see the teacher made the video, the heart seems to be a lot of practical. However, parents of WeChat group, some parents open Shuabing mode, let other parents very depressed. The parents continue to refresh, sometimes in order to show that the children, some children writing or acting like pictures and video; sometimes WeChat group will notify the scraper, but everyone in the simple repetition of reply to the teacher; sometimes it is also released some information to sell things…… All kinds of information of a scraper, but nearly a hundred large, if everyone did so, most of the time to notice the teacher estimated "drowned" in this endless scraper. Now, WeChat group Shuabing has a serious impact on other parents receiving teacher information, many parents ignore or miss the teacher’s notice. The students refused to "burden" – Dong Shi Yu Shaoxing city of Zhejiang province with the continuous development of the Internet, the parents of our students also begin to use QQ or WeChat. Some positive parents are encouraged to set up a parent group to facilitate communication相关的主题文章: