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Wei Jixiang: I believe that people are not afraid of any investigation organization will have the right to judge – Beijing yesterday, China Football Association within the party members at the meeting informed the organs directly under the State Sports General Administration of the Party committee decided to give the original foot control center Party Secretary Wei Jixiang by Party warning. It is understood that some people report Wei Jixiang during the 2013 beach soccer game, go to Mount Putuo to play. It is worth mentioning that, at the end of last year, Wei Jixiang was its direct subordinates, former State Department official Fu Yupei report. JINGWAH Times reporter Zhang Xiaomin Football Association members announced the punishment decision in all members of the Football Association yesterday afternoon meeting, the football association secretary Lin Xiaohua read under the authority of the State Sports General Administration of Party committee discipline Wei Jixiang party warning, the reason is the masses he went to Mount Putuo during the beach football game play. It is understood that in 2013, Wei Jixiang went to Zhejiang to watch the Zhoushan beach soccer championship, arrived after the first second days and with the local organizing committee, attended the opening ceremony after the event, the organizing committee to pull him to the Mount Putuo scenic area to pray 3000 yuan subsidies for local events after his return to Beijing. Previously, Wei Jixiang has two times by real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing to the Commission, but he for reporting materials such as subsidies and accepting gifts, eating and drinking and other resolutely denied. He was against the previous allegations that he is not afraid of anyone checked, "not afraid to find me, I am not easy foreign said too much, I believe that the organization will have a correct judgment." Previously had been reported in September last year, Wei Jixiang, real name was reported, when the relevant materials have been sent to the Commission for Discipline inspection. Subsequently, one of the informants Fu Yupei to the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the site again on the real name of Wei Jixiang report. It is understood that the first report of this report material Wei Jixiang as Chinese Association party secretary of overeating and subsidies behavior. Materials: 2013, Wei Jixiang attended the closing ceremony of the Shenzhen iron wolf cup amateur football match seven. After arriving in Shenzhen, the first to participate in the local luxury banquets, after the ceremony, Wei Jixiang also participated in the Organizing Committee of the iron wolf cup dinner. Wei Jixiang heard that there is a Check Inn Hotel named "landscape" of the nightclub, offered to go into rooms that, some wine, drink till after midnight. The second day, Wei Jixiang accepted the local gift of nearly 4000 yuan worth of nearly $two Armani T-shirt and related gifts to leave. Fu Yupei, one of the informants when it comes to the report, said: "I am in the Football Association for 20 years, has gone through the Department of the youth, women’s football, five, amateur league…… I hope my real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing disclosure by the media, one of the important reasons to make social fans and great leaders see China football not to go, because it is not a good leader, no one can follow the rules of football development work leading to lead us, so let the fans have been China football disappointed and sad, I have to report these facts are just the tip of the iceberg."相关的主题文章: