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What does the man want to hear in bed? A woman to learn it quickly! In the face of the other side of the pit, the sound of good sex will disappear. Women who want to be pampered in bed, not only the action should be in place, words have to speak. What does the man want to hear in bed? A woman to learn it quickly! Hand here is not your man, he doesn’t know where you touch sensitive, where it will make you feel comfortable. Once you say these words, he becomes aware of your needs. And it also shows that you value sex. Moreover, the husband and wife to explore new areas of excitement can enhance the quality of the couple love oh. I’ll put it on for you. It’s the best way to wear a jacket. When a woman’s soft little hand touches the key parts of his body, a man will feel particularly comfortable and enjoy. Tell dirty jokes, some men usually very docile to bed like a tiger, and even speak dirty words. A proper stroke is a good way to boost your appetite, and, of course, if you like, men want to hear you talk. I would like to see women are generally shy, so in love when they prefer to turn off the lights. While men are more love on sex, this visual stimulation is stronger. If you want to please him, with his proposal on sex, believe that he will be very happy. I would like to kiss you in general, women in the initiative in sex, men will not refuse. Because it’s hard for a man to say no to his wife. Even if the wife said, "I want to kiss your body," this sentence, but also instantly arouse the passion of men. You are great to tell him how you feel and to communicate with each other better. For him, "the best" is the most encouraging words of encouragement and praise, so that the whole process of sexual pleasure. I like the position of the woman will give the woman a greater initiative to better meet the woman’s desire to conquer and possessive. For men, it is also a huge sexual stimulation. At this point, the man just need to cooperate, do not consume energy to complete the sexual activity.相关的主题文章: