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What happens when Messi gets injured? When Messi was injured…… Sina sports news when Messi was injured, or a little more specific, when Messi by a can insist on but it is best to take a break, Barcelona should do? About Messi’s injury, had already had Science (depth analysis of Messi hurt – players had trouble | nightmare Raul Kaka Figure), specifically, he is injured part of pubis, here’s injury is very complicated, the player can choose to adhere to the normal game, but the action will be accompanied by severe pain, and at risk worse, the player can choose surgery, but the surgery often means a long rest time. Messi’s injured position specifically the pubis now, Barcelona are doing everything they can to avoid Messi surgery, it is not difficult to understand, but if the game, Messi also played on Saturday against Alves, it now seems very likely, then Barcelona in doing the right thing? Intelligent analytical model of Barcelona can win La Liga round home court, forecast packages] Spanish media is pessimistic voices, that Messi’s injury is very dangerous, it may even become an important turning point in his occupation career. Although Messi had not always hurt, but can not be ignored is that Argentina is no longer young, 29 years of age, mean the body bearing capacity has begun to decline. Since last season, the king’s Cup final over Messi non-stop, he repeated over the Atlantic first participated in the Copa America, and ahead of the holidays in the preseason, several preseason all starter. After the start of the new season, the Spanish Super Cup to the new season two La Liga matches, Messi did not miss even one minute. Argentina there are some criticism of Messi Messi does not want to rest, did not dare to rest — even if he just missed a game against the underdog Venezuela national team, can quickly bring Argentina some domestic media criticism. When Messi announced the return to the Argentina national team, but against Bilbao athletic injury, Messi chose to play Barcelona but not tough enough no ground for blame, the performance of some disappointing. In fact, if there must be people out of bad cop, it should be barcelona. Zhu Geliang said after the game, Barcelona should try to stop Messi to participate in the national team’s game, but the fact is, Barcelona are not willing to admit that they tried to stop the. Barcelona on Wednesday will usher in high intensity race and local time on Thursday, Messi took part in team training, from the Spanish media rumors, the possibility of his weekend appearance is not really small, even if the opponent is the limited strength of the newly promoted Alves Polo team. Moreover, it is worth noting that, from the beginning of the game, Barcelona will usher in the 23 day of the 7 game of the devil race, including Atletico, Borussia this tough opponent. If Alves had to play against him, which would be the absence of Messi? For Barcelona last season, the lesson is not visible before the eyes in the wake of the March, the national team, Messi and other key players on the verge of physical overdraft, then a state falls thousand)相关的主题文章: