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Mobil-.puting The year 2013 has just started and there are very few people that can answer the question regarding the future of iPhone application development in 2013, but one thing is for sure that the start of this year has brought a lot of good news for developers. According to the numbers in the recent press release by the Cupertino .pany, there have been over 40 billion application downloads from the apple app store. This is a huge figure, but what makes it even more exciting is the fact that nearly half of those downloads happened in 2012. With over 500 million active accounts, Apple’s appstore has gone through leaps and bounds since 2008. This year has also brought some interesting figures showing that users are downloading a lot more applications than before. In the month of December alone there were nearly 2 billion downloads, which means nearly 750 application downloads every second, which is a staggering number. This is very good news for the iOS apps developers who have put a lot of efforts in creating an ecosystem of applications that are superior to all platforms in every single way. With close to 775,000 applications in its ecosystem, apple surely has created an application market that has generated a lot of enthusiasm among developer .munity. What is more profound is the fact that even after so much speculation that android might overtake iOS in 2013 as far as number of applications are concerned, the development process of applications for the platform has not seen any decline. There are nearly 200,000 active publishers on the appstore who are bringing out jaw-dropping applications for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch users. The most capitalizing thing about Apple has been its capability to monetize its applications better than any platform. The iOS app developer have been paid a mammoth 7 billion dollars by Apple. This means that Apple has generated over $ 10 billion from its app store. This is a huge figure considering that most of the 775,000 applications in the appstore are free. But many of them feature advertisements, that has generated a lot of revenue for Apple as well as its developers. The biggest chunk of this revenue .es from the games in the game store. If we look at the top ten applications in the Appstore, eight of the top ten iPhone apps are games, while in the case of iPad the number is seven. This means that iOS users prefer to download more games than traditional apps. Apple has been a superior force in generating revenue from every aspect of its appstore. The in-app purchases have also seen a significant rise in recent years. It has been seen that people not only download paid apps from the app store, but also tend to purchase refills and extra features. More than two-thirds of the revenue generated from the appstore are .ing through in-app purchases. This has ensured that the developers get paid for applications, and in turn create more intuitive experience for their users. There is no doubt that Apple’s App Store is the most profitable marketplace, with its closest rival generating just a fraction of what Apple pays to its developers. As far as 2013 is concerned, one cannot deny the fact that this trend will continue further, and Apple would be able to generate more revenue from app monetizing. This will further encourage developers to prefer iOS over other platforms. Android might have a larger userbase than iOS, but as far as developer .munity is concerned, iOS is apple of the eye for many. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: