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What kind of food, then let the baby and the baby are obsessed with it – the Sohu to the baby mother rice paste, the next stage to eat some rice type foods during this period, can use the soup class food supplement to transition because the soup is made with flour, the feeling in the mouth with rice paste like but with other vegetables can let the baby eat slowly chew food baby will feel familiar and fresh even over the age of the baby is still infatuated with the super soup taste it finished chicken soup after the last letinous edodes a lot of baby love drink so I went on a corn soup with its delicate taste Shannon, more suitable for baby food soup and vegetables with vitamin supplements At the same time, let the dishes hyperchromic many have not tried the soup. This treasure mother must not hesitate to corn soup recipe: corn flour 1 root, 25g, 30g, 15g, carrot, Broccoli Powder 60ml spices: method of Cooking: boiled salt a little reference month more than 9 months: the degree of difficulty: no difficulty note: for the food allergy baby. * * Practices 1 prepare ingredients: corn flour 1, 25g, 30g, 15g, broccoli carrot milk 60ml. 2 hot water boil, pour the boiled broccoli. PS: broccoli if you want to remove pesticide residues, almost 40 seconds. If you want to cook, may take a little longer, I want to make it more easy to chew, probably boiled for 8 minutes. 3 after boiled broccoli, fish into the bowl. 4 will be chopped broccoli, carrot to a. 5 off the corn grain, directly cut with a knife can also be. 6 the corn into the blender, add appropriate amount of water. PS: in order to give mom a proportion of treasure, I specifically called for a while, 120g corn grain plus a total of 150ml water. This ratio is about to control it, and if you do, you can add some water; if dilute, cook when you can cook a little longer. 7 stir the mashed corn into a bowl. 8 sift through the corn and sift the corn. PS: for a little baby, stir into the mud after direct simmer. For a little bit of a baby or want soup taste more delicate, can be through a sieve and then boiled corn. My two ways I tried, made out of the soup is good to drink oh. 9. This is a good corn juice. 10 a little olive oil. PS: generally do soup is bulk butter, but too much oil is not suitable for baby food, so I chose olive oil, make soup taste the same flavor! 11 put the flour into the pan, stir fry the small fire until cooked. PS: after adding flour, the taste of the soup will be more相关的主题文章: