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Mobile-Cell-Phone Things that we anticipate in a mobile phone are its innovations, good esthetics and last but not the least, a very affordable price. For those financially conscious but would never sacrifice fashion, fear not for the best producer in the mobile industry, Samsung, has made a fresh mobile product to suit any day, anyplace on any event, to wit, the new Samsung C3050 Stratus Mobile Phone. Upholding and maintaining the Samsung style legacy, the C3050 Stratus design is trendy and polished. The mobile phone is not only pretty but also ergonomically effective by being lite and measures at 97 x 47.3 x 14.9 mm. Aside from that, this is also a perfect gift to any of your beloved ones. The Samsung C3050 Stratus distinctly exhibits what most consumers desire in a phone, low cost for top of the line features. The wide 2" Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) prevails the front end rendering 65 thousand color saturation at a resolution of 176 x 220. Text input is a delight to do with the flawless keypads with incorporated T9 dictionary function for fast message .position. This slider mobile phone also boast a range of multimedia characteristics. An FM radio set and a music player is also embedded to provide for users who live to take heed to music or their favorite radio station while traveling. Multi-tasking is also possible on this mobile phone, letting you to listen to music while employing the other innovations of the mobile phone. With just a click away, capture cherished instances as it happens with the integrated VGA camera or better yet relive those memories over video recording. The VGA photographic camera also extends a full display setting for going through pictures as well as the panorama shot function that allows you to get various photographs with up to 360 degree view and store them to a generous expandable microSD memory slot of up to 8 gigabytes. Stay in touch online with the rest of the world, surf the . and even converse with friends and beloved ones with the Samsung C3050 GPRS web connection. Other available connectivity selections range from Bluetooth 2.0, text or MMS as well as USB v2.0. In Conclusion, the battery lifespan on the Samsung C3050 Stratus is superb clocking in at 8 hours of talktime and 340 hours on idle time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: