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Which graduates dare to try "slow employment"? [Abstract] the fact that most young people impossible to design and plan their life, they can only rely on instinct and countless accidentally hit a path, who knows it is not suitable for yourself, keep ahead is a hit. Author: Wang Xiaoni (Tencent · column author) I taught the last college students have been working for two years, and the first graduate in 2009. Not long ago, as a "class" edition, I ask them to write in 20 people into the social feelings of the past few years, an invitation only ten days, received 19 essays, covering 2009 to six students graduated in 2014. The social reality is generous enough "reward" these young people just out of school, let them to speak, when not love reading, after the teacher asked: what to write, how to write ah, teacher. Just received a brief invitation, they immediately responded: I write. Just collect their text on the Internet to see an article advocating "slow employment" essay, after reading two surprise: first of all, the paper said, is expected in 2016 waiting for employment of various schools graduates will reach 10 million, which is more than a large number of. In addition, according to the author can be so relaxed and lively to tell a truth: "many people’s employment outlook is changing, no longer adhere to the" graduation "traditional mode", but do not worry, "the choice of temporary travel, with parents, understand the market, become the" slow "family". However, who can afford this slow? 1 senior anxious my hand saved five postcard is sent with a girl, she read, to a vacation trip, Mohe County, Gulangyu Islet, Zhangjiajie, each to a new place to send me a postcard. The last one was from her graduation: "I graduated…… In fact, now my heart still disturbed, but all I will be brave to face the unknown!" From then on, I never received a postcard, she went to work after graduation. Students sent postcards (the author for map) more than two years in the past, for the collection of articles to contact her, she asked the first sentence: "can write negative energy?" In the school, she is a girl who has an independent proposition, the second time to choose what representatives, unified issued a list of printed list of candidates, she did not give anyone on the list, but gave her a vote. In the new article, she said she was "silent and safe, careful every day", "the mind is still often come up with the word ‘dream’, but also just think about it. Settle down, after all, have to work safe, talk to dream of life". If she was not going to work, there is no source of income, ordinary families, migrant workers children grew up reading, reading for 16 years, are asking their parents for money, finally coming to work, where dare not to work with? The girl went to Nanjing, the first and ten person flat-share a room, five bed rack. In addition to the bed, there is no private space, her territory is a bed, the first monthly income of 3000. We all know that during the four years of college, the freshman is the most romantic, the most anxious and the most capable.相关的主题文章: