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Who said that pregnancy is not beautiful, pregnant mothers fall to wear! People in the south of the northern Sohu maternal envy four seasons, autumn winter scenery magnificent, but the friends of the south to north of the bears in the buy, for washing, Long Johns, long johns Long Johns, wearing long johns, and long johns stacked in long johns through the years of life? This guy came in autumn again, to buy clothes to buy clothes for the season, want to change is not a long johns. From underwear, socks to coat seemed to change! (the salary of a month to continue writing to wipe away the tears enough?…… ) save money to buy clothes, money to want to dress how. But you may not, because you are pregnant women! How to do? Can not continue to the United States? Tell you, pregnant mother pregnant mother’s beauty, to see how you dress up. Suggested that pregnant women dressed in autumn as comfortable as possible, while the T-shirt and jacket is the best match, pregnant women is best not to season clothes, easy to cause the fetus at risk. Pregnant women choose skirt up, both convenient and omit the lower part of the choice of trouble. The best time for pregnant women to wear 2, so that the heat can be cool off. For pregnant women and especially in late pregnant women, the body itself is to speed up the The new supersedes the old., afraid of the heat, cool autumn wear more comfortable, do not add clothes to add clothes, wear too much sweat but easy to catch a cold. Pregnant women in the choice of clothes should pay attention to the following points: first, to the big and soft clothes should be comfortable, not tight chest corset. Loose T-shirts, sweatshirts are more suitable for pregnancy after childbirth can still wear clothes. Secondly, not too tight pants, abdominal pressure will affect the uterine blood flow, and the enlarged uterus can not rise, in the course of time will cause the vertical abdominal resulting in malposition. Third, underwear should be flexible enough to adapt to the growing belly, and the best choice of underwear can play a supporting role, shoulder width, deep bra products. In particular, pregnant women underwear, must be replaced in a timely manner, so as not to affect the baby after birth breastfeeding. A: loose long T-shirt + Leggings with pregnant women in the early autumn and autumn autumn, so dress also needs to change, it is best not to buy disposable clothing, not practical. This dress is suitable for the cool autumn wear law is actually on the Panasonic tight, pregnant mammy often bloated body, the upper body is best to wear loose style, the lower part of the body is the pregnant woman wearing leggings, and preferably a dark color such as black and brown, the contraction of lower body, and a pair of collocation a round or flat shoes, a beautiful dress pregnant mammy came out. If the weather is cold again sooner or later, a knit, denim shirt or plaid shirt line. In the color collocation, the best choice of dark leggings, unless your legs really fine, gorgeous color as the best ornament, is not recommended for large area wear! Pregnant women after pregnancy to color the object more love, but also because the color will also affect the mood of pregnant women, colorful mood. Two: Dress + knit cardigan so clothing dress is the most convenient, but as long as the outside with a coat on it. For pregnant Mammy, high waist skirt is necessary.相关的主题文章: