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Business The .pany has every reason to feel proud. According to a press release, an estimated 800 iOS apps are downloaded every second. For Apple Inc it is not just the app developers provided that are provided with the incentive, but the users as well. Apple awarded a man a gift card for their App Store worth USD 10,000 last week for downloading the 50 billionth app. The marketing strategy provided a boost to the .panys ego. This was recently evident during the CLIO global media awards, in which two apps won gold for their innovation and design and most of all their quality of services extended through the application. Both apps belong to iOS platform. Nike+Fuel Band is an activity tracker and Rapid Rescue offers social service by the Red Cross for emergency situations. Earlier this year, The Guardian reported on how Apple increased their App Store payouts to iOS app developers by one billion dollars, which would make the current amount a total of USD eight billion. The article however, did emphasize that this incentive, despite its tempting unique offer, is not the only reason that app developers prefer the iOS platform to create their apps. The amount is very meager in fact, for developers to even consider monetization, especially when their apps are hidden well below among over 800,000 others in the App Store. It is that this platform assures a quality unlike others offered by various mobile development .panies. For those who do port apps and cater to the mass market, the most recently awarded apps will perhaps serve as a reminder that it is not always positive reviews or high rankings that assure the app its place as leading, as far as quality applications are concerned. App rankings, however, are not as always so clear when it .es to success. Subjective opinions are a major influence towards what helps an app reach top rankings and most often, app developers are dismayed when they see their hard work showing poor results. The three major aspects that are decidedly agreed upon by other platforms including Apple is for apps to ensure: Quality content Despite the perfection in technicalities, an app must be able to .municate its purpose in a precise manner and one that is applied to a general user. There are apps that target a specific sement, such as navigational apps for geologists, but again it would depend on the functionalities and application of features to confirm whether the app is really worth all the trouble and the cost, if there is any. Ensure user privacy and security This is a prime concern for majority users, who are concerned that even as convenient as location based apps are, the GPS does entail revealing of their whereabouts and other personal data that would make them vulnerable. App developers therefore must ensure confidentiality and specify the data would not be misused or extracted without the users consent. App discovery is effortless Again, despite creating an outstanding app, it is a waste if people are not aware of its existence in the App store. Therefore, the app must be included and rated among the apps for it to be noticed as a third part application by the App Store, after which it would then be pushed upward and re.mended by the platform. Design attention to tablet devices Unlike other platforms, who simply upsize their apps to fit the tablet screen, one of the most admirable aspects of the iOS app is that it is design specific, depending on whether it is for a smartphone or a tablet, which makes the US enriching because of the optimal use of not just the platforms software, but also their hardware, as is the case of iOS tablets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: