Why did Li Zhaoxing go to the town after three bleep

Why did Li Zhaoxing go to the town after retirement, "this is the third time I’ve come to Wangcheng," said." In October 29th, former Minister of foreign affairs Li Zhaoxing appeared in Wangcheng city Changsha "hometown of Lei Feng, attended the opening ceremony of the forum in Xiangjiang in 2016. As the first to speak on behalf of the guests, 76 year old Li Zhaoxing to reveal their own edge of Wangcheng. "This is the third time that I have come to Wangcheng. Why? One is for the culture of Wangcheng, Wangcheng Xiangjiang town group; especially because, my lovely Comrade Lei Feng and Comrade Lei Feng are the same age, although younger than me one and a half, but he is always my study example!" At the end of the speech, Li Zhaoxing used the words of Shakespeare to describe Wangcheng in his mind: "please allow me to compare you to summer, because summer is more lovely and beautiful.". I would also like to compare Wangcheng to summer, may he be more beautiful today and tomorrow." "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that since 2007 the outgoing foreign minister, footprints all over 186 countries Li Zhaoxing had "three Gu" in Wangcheng, and the town of Hunan forged indissoluble bound. On October 29-30, in the new economy, new energy, new town "as the theme of" national research think tank forum · 2016 Xiangjiang forum and the world leisure agriculture and rural tourism summit "held in the city, from the UK, Japan, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Burma and other countries of the guests on the inheritance and development of the world of ancient town strategic dialogue. The day before the opening ceremony, Li Zhaoxing and Wangcheng party secretary Kong Yucheng met with foreign guests invited to attend the meeting. "This is the third time that I have come to Wangcheng, and now more and more people in the city want to go to the countryside." In the introduction to the mayor of York, Wangcheng, Li Zhaoxing will Wangcheng two words into their own speeches, and welcomed the visiting guests. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that the "Xiangjiang forum" is sponsored by Li Zhaoxing formerly served as president of the association of public diplomacy China World Leisure Agriculture and rural tourism city (city) union summit. At the first summit in 2013, Wangcheng was approved as a permanent venue for the summit. The following year, the League summit changed its name to the Xiangjiang forum". In the annual Xiangjiang forum held on the occasion, Li Zhaoxing will come to Wangcheng. He evaluated the forum, the key is for the people to use." October 2013, the first alliance summit held on the eve of Li Zhaoxing came to Wangcheng for the first time. During the period, he visited the scenic town lattice qianlonghu and kiln, and has since become attached to Wangcheng. According to reports, visit qianlonghu, Li Zhaoxing evaluation, "Qianlong lake, is worth watching, I recommend to a friend." In addition, he also had a team and the dragon lion rise, like a naughty boy, and all the friends became a hit." About the trip, known as the "poet diplomat" said Li Zhaoxing praised as "in the garden of urban and rural ones". Subsequently, Li Zhaoxing also visited the tongguanyao ruins, then according to the readme: "at the end of the Tour 8相关的主题文章: